Birthday Dedication! ASHLYN!!!!

Kathleen/Ashlyn Photo from Jun 4, 2011

Ashlyn turns 21 today!

Her Family Life Verse:

Daniel 12:3

New American Standard Bible 
“Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.

Her Family Symbol: Star

Your mom gift for today:

I rented a lift, the kind that lifts up to reach tall, tall buildings, and during the night. . .

I put on my fuzzy pink robe and my bright orange Tigger slippers. (It gets cold up there!)

I crawled out a window and ever so quickly put this lift on automatic: “sky’s the limit”

And up I went into the dark night sky and to complicate my mission, it was cloudy as well!

You must know I really love you because I’m afraid of the dark, but I braved it for you!

As I got really high (and dizzy I might add), the clouds parted and I saw right before me

the most luminous star. It’s points were perfect and it’s rays reached far below me.

I hoped, beyond hope I could capture it for you. . .

I reached out and it was just beyond my reach. Go figure!!!

I stood on my tippy toes and I could feel it’s warm glow but still just out of my reach!!!!

Just then, I jumped as high as I could and I caught an edge of a longer ray!

Holding on tightly, I began to pull and pull and pull and pull and pull. . .

As it settled into my palm the light shone right through my hand. . .

I tucked it into my pj pocket and began my long descent to earth.

I got back just as the sun was coming up so no one noticed I was even gone on my secret mission 😉

Happy, Happy Birthday

History Behind Ashlyn’s Family Life Verse

I read in a parenting book to give each of your children a special symbol they can relate to and to strengthen their growing identity. God “suggested” I wait for a Bible Verse from Him for each of the four girls and their symbol would come from it.

I was in New York with the school choir to sing at Carnegie Hall with Ashlyn’s childhood best friend, Caroline and her mom Jodi. What a blast we had! Amazing trip! One day I felt this strong calling to take a taxi alone to a very old, large church way across the city. I’m chicken little, but I was “big” in God that day 😉 It took 45 minutes to get across town, yes even with a NYC cab driver! He dropped me off and I noticed I did not see any other cabs around. Uh Oh, crossed my  mind, as I wondered how I would get back to the hotel. I did not even tell anyone where I was going. (Well, in my defense, I felt like I was on a secret adventure with God!) I could feel the mounting anticipation as I walked up the worn concrete steps. It was under renovation (so was I) so some of it was closed off (parts of me are closed off too with scaffolds and the works). I took in every arch (I have a thing about arches), every word (I have a thing about words) carved in marble (I have a thing about marble. Okay I have lots of things!!! I confess publicly!) and listened for Him. I just wanted to be with my Papa. It was so large, that it had a dozen or more side chapels. I wondered into one and felt the air dense with His presence. I sat down to take every detail of stained glass and hand work etched with loving worship. Then I saw it. The Daniel Verse 12:3. Tinglies from the top of head to my toes. He smiled with great delight and simply said, “It’s hers!” It seemed the book was closed but “we”still had a few more jots and tittles to cover. I finished my visit in short order and stepped outside to hope for a taxi back. “Okay, God here we go.” I have no idea why I was not at all nervous. Well, sure I knew, it seemed easy to trust God with those little things back then. It started to rain, no umbrella. (I’m a Sonshine girl no worries!) I saw a young couple come out with their baby from the church across the street and the baby was getting wet so I prayed for a taxi for this little family. Up it whisked them away. Okay, God my turn, I trust. It took a while, He was just teasing me a little. The rain held off with just a cold, drizzle. I was warm and dry with my precious treasure as “we” waited. Soon enough, I pulled a taxi driver over. Seriously, I am such a little chicken, it takes me courage to hail a taxi. (What is God thinking with my current circumstance and my need for courage. Oh Boy!?) I made it back to the hotel to be on time to pick up my little group of chaperones. (Imagine that?!?) And so began God’s anointing of my girls with their identity verses.

Thank you God, for Ashlyn

Post Script: Her friends through her a surprise party last night. She is still in the after glow!

Thank you God for her good friends! 🙂 This is the house where she lives with three other girls.

Glowing 21 Years :)

Glowing 21 Years 🙂

12 thoughts on “Birthday Dedication! ASHLYN!!!!

  1. Tracey,
    What a great trip we had in New York.
    I still think about the coffee shop that you and I found and the Great chocolate coffee.
    I would love to bring you coffee over one day .
    Please let me know what day is better for you .

    Love Jodi

    • Jodi, That was so much fun! And those lion king tickets you got us 🙂
      MMMMmmmm Chocolate iced coffee. We were spoiled that trip!!!! Thank you, I’ll let you know! love

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