What’s In a Thought Life?

This was and is a life-changing concept for me. I’m pretty sure I need to credit Murphy Toerner for this one. If she did not use the term “thought life” she taught me the concept. Mentoring is so significant in our journeys with Christ. (But that’s a Blog in itself.)

I’ve given a great deal of pursuit of this concept. It appears to me just through life experience and some small ministry nibbles:
1. Most of us are totally unaware that we have a life in our head.
2.It speaks, whispers, shouts, pushes, pulls and frankly, it can be our own worst enemy.
3.Rarely, is it encouraging. It condemns us and those around us judgmentally.
4.Often it speaks in an immature voice, that of a scared child (that’s my inner voice), angry parent,etc.
5.It remains hidden from other people, because it is where we are most vulnerable. It is where our misbeliefs reside and where we work out coping mechanisms.
6.Our thought patterns are so habitual I’ve read research has shown that are actual chemical pathways in the brain.
7.It is the ground of the greatest potential of emotional/spiritual maturity.

Three Quick Illuminations for the Dark Corners of Our Thought Life

*Worship Music

*Reading/Reciting Scripture

*Saying, out loud, “I thank you Jesus for this__________________ (sleepless night)”

I know it’s Murphy Toerner that said change occurs when Truth digs deeper than our deepest misbelief or lie. We have ruts in our thought patterns. We go round and round these ruts and it takes some momentum to hoist us out into new thinking patterns. The ruts are what we’ve heard other people say about us (you are over-sensitive, you are rebellious, etc). The ruts are what the world has told us we are (proud, even successful can set us up for attitude’s of “I don’t fail. I always make an A”)

Truth and life giving encouragement challenge us out of these ruts to think differently. Honest places of safe conversations where God is given space to move things around in our head grows us up with positive life-giving patterns. Conversations like this get us out of our own head. (Oh, there is a whole nother world out there beyond my small brain space!) This is where Scripture becomes so important, memorize it (my girls have memory verses all the way through school), study it, talk it until it gets up there moving thoughts around. Where you recognize that’s a lie, or that’s an assumption, that’s a judgement. . .Truth will pop you right out of that rut into a new healthy pattern that gives life.

Kingdom conversations, where people are vulnerable, humble, gentle and speak Truth is love growing us into more of our destined selves. God is cheering us on. It spreads the Glory around to guild us with breast plates of righteousness.

Head knowledge, with intentional practice yields new thinking patterns. 2 Corinthians 10:5
New American Standard Bible (NASB) 5 We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, (This is one of my favorite, yet most challenging Bible Verses!!! It takes such strict obedience. I know people that do an “on the hour” check of their thought life. “What am I thinking?” “Where does that lead me?” “What does God’s truth say about that?” Now, that’s discipline worth aspiring into. . .

I leave you with a pinterest find I really like enough to share with you. Remember you can pull the image of the post, to print as a reminder or share with your children.


**Well Hello Canada! What an honor to have eleven of you! I hope you find something of blessing here**

6 thoughts on “What’s In a Thought Life?

    • It’s a great one Ashie, changed my life when I finally became aware my thought life was ruling me, instead of my spirit life in Christ working to rule over it! love you more! mom

  1. I love how timely your blogs are. I’m sitting at my computer and decided to put on a message to listen to while doing my work. Then I decided to check my email….well, I don’t have to go on. In the midst of my procrastination, the Lord led me here while I’m listening to Bill Johnson on the Renewed Mind. I think He wants this message to go deep into my spirit, where it becomes truth not just a head knowledge.

    Yesterday, I just mentioned to a friend, how I want my children to get this truth at an early age. This is answer to the cry of a momma’s heart, thank you.

    The pintrest find is awesome!!

    • The renewed mind! We all need that. . .every day as His mercies are new our minds need to be washed in His Truth! His timing is so good for our growth! It always amazes me how in listening to worship music, or reading, or a sermon, etc, we all hear what we need. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your courageous journey to the Church in New York. I often feel the urge /pull to stop and go inside a church but, I chicken out. I will try it because of you.

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