Sunday’s Showcase of Truth, September 8, 2013 PlacesFlower Window/SpiritCandle/Thanks

This very morning, I’ve spoken life into names of those God has placed on my heart with these promises!!! One must wonder at the power of prayer. . .placing the names of those God calls forth. . .into His Truth. . .with expectation of it coming into being in their lives?

I, Tracey, give thanks to my God of Gods for _____________________.
I, Tracey, press into the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord on_______________________.
I, Tracey, expect my Lord will go before___________and make her/his rough places smooth.

We trust it empowers and moves the heavens. Let’s engage a little spiritual imagination. . .Have you ever written in the air with a sparkler? What if, just what if, as we speak these words of Truth by name, it writes in sparkling lights in the heavens? Light remains in heaven, so what you have spoken into being, remains lit in your own penned hand in the air? It does not fade into smoke like a sparkler here, it remains permanently etched in the reflection of the heavens?

Speak it, Claim it, Believe it!

Let's Talk. . .

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