Manna Monday Moments: Made for Eternity

Made For Eternity:

Greg Laurie and Stephen Curtis Chapman

As I write this, I’m listening to SC Chapman’s album, Beauty Will Rise. Honestly, I trust His heart for the Lord, I know he has been to the edge. You see, as Christians, we envision eternity. We live with it as part of our theology. Until. . .theology is not enough. . .

For some of us, a time comes in our journey, when the razor sharp edge of pain moves us to that edge of eternity.  Our heart strings are cut to release us past the present. We flow into a love that bleeds us forward. Profuse pain pulses us beyond the moment into. . . the embrace of eternity that breaks our fatal fall. We experience the eternity for which we are made.

We are never the same, once the pain has breeched into the eternal essence of our Lord.

Out of the ashes beauty will rise. One petal at a time. . .



***Welcome Singapore and Turkey readers. May God richly bless you!!!***

8 thoughts on “Manna Monday Moments: Made for Eternity

  1. This is one of my favorite albums. I love the story behind the picture that Maria Sue drew right before she went home to Jesus. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful songs. I just bought Kimberly and Alberto Rivera’s CD with the Hidden Keys song. What an impact you are making on God’s kingdom!!!

    • Sherry, this is an amazing conversation between these two men that know the Lord, and have been to that razor sharp edge of grief, and their Faith survived the fall. I’m so glad you are being blessed by the music. It’s my honor and joy to share what I experience through Him, with our readers. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement 🙂
      love, twe

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