Pinterest Inspired

Pinterest Inspired

We say to our children, “Did you make any new friends today?” So anxious are we for their social interaction and success. We communicate a need for them to make their world happen, as if God isn’t working things for good for those that love him.

We too “make” our lives happen. A spirit of expectation of the need to create or we live void of life? We teach our children to “make” and we live to “keep up with our neighbors.” I think we forget, our Creator is at work.

God Creates, we “recognize” His workings and are called into what HE IS DOING with our feet, our hands, our hearts

Some women shared a gathering recently, and I was again so aware of what I cannot “make” happen. My feet don’t work, my speech doesn’t work, my hands are weakening. . .and how easy it is to feel inept, without contribution. This is a very painful, poignant God lesson for me.

There is an unveiled, untold, uncelebrated recognition of what He does, has done and will do that is so much bigger than we can “make happen on our own.”

Recognition of His workings, His creations, His relationships is a powerful dynamic that highlights His Hand in providing for our needs. He provides for our need to connect through friendships.

I recognize him/her as a friend in how they:

*encourage me

*hold up a Godly standard

*love me unconditionally

*affirm our strengths


*gentle accountability with my weaknesses

*laugh and cry with me

*faithful and loyal

*the relationship just stirs my desire to be my very best when I am with them

*know how to carry light and know how to carry heavy

*remind me how to play

*offer a unique role


So today, as I think about my friendships,

I ask my Lord to recognize them, as not of my creation but of His making.

I strive to honor each and everyone as the gift it is from God.

If I could, I would invite each one of you to tea, with your favorite flowers on the table, your favorite homemade warm cookies on a tiered serving piece and a wrapped gift of your favorite perfume. I might say something like this. . .   For example. . .

“You have sweetly served as the fragrance of Christ in my life in several ways. I just want to honor our friendship in sharing with you some of the ways you have blessed me. You have listened and affirmed my anger at this disease.  You made space for my pain. You have been my hands in loving my daughters. You have seen through my weakness to the real me. You have brought flowers. You have cuddled in bed with me. You have left me a tear-filled voice mail. You have commented on my post. You tell me you miss me, You’ve encouraged my purpose. You’ve looked at me and meant it. You brought a warm meal. You drove my children. You made me feel special because you made time for me. You drove me to water therapy. You prayed for me. You loved me in my worst angst. You held my hand. You dropped a happy surprise and I don’t know your name. You made space for my need. You anchored hope, when I floated lost. You let me cry. You made me laugh. You’ve chased dust balls.”And on and on and on. . . .

And if I had it to do all over again, I’d talk to my girls after school, and ask them. . .

“Did you recognize any friendship offerings from the Lord today?”

6 thoughts on “Recognition?

  1. Tracey- your words spoke directly to me yesterday. Ever since moving to Texas, I have been anxiously asking my kids” did you make any friends today?” Well, saying your words especially to Natalie, that God already “made” your friends, you just have to recognize them, gave me tremendous peace. I think Natalie could sense that and wouldn’t you know it, she came home smiling today :)thank you for your words Tracey

    • Caroline, so good to hear from you! I am so glad God showed up in the spaces of my words. What a growing mom you are! In you, God is well pleased. Our children’s smiles are worth one thousand words! You are so welcome! twe

  2. I found the paper you gave me at ALS clinic. Read the beautiful words as you are a beautiful woman obviously with God in your heart. You are wonderful and amazing. But I have always known that……and thank you for the body scrubber. Now you know who I am.. Have a great weekend

    • OH my goodness Janet, sooooo goooood to hear from my special friend at ALS clinic! Thank you for looking me up and your kind comments! Just your presence encourages me! Amazing the difference just one person with a smile and the best “cheerleader ever” can make in a long day 🙂 warmly, twe

  3. Hi Kris Ann, so good to hear from you! We have encouraged each other 🙂 I know well, “I’m done.” How often do I mutter those words! I’d be screaming them if I could! love you so much too! twe

  4. Tracey, so beautiful. It reminded me of John15:13- No greater love than he who lays down his life for a friend. God is so good to give friendships to us. It is one of his many extras in helping us sustain life here as foreigners on earth. You have encouraged me with your sweet texts that have helped me keep trucking on when I just wanted to pull the covers over my head and say I am done. Thank you for your obedience to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to give me His Word that never returns void. You blog is reminding me to slow down and breath in God’s creation and blessings he has placed on his silver tray just for me. Love you so much!

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