Roads that Cross: Reality X Expectations, Part One

Life’s complicated. That’s clarity:  Complain… or Communion. ~ Ann Voskamp

The equation supposedly goes like this:  if your reality is greater than your expectations, then you’re happy. ~ Ann Voskamp

As for expectations — your expectations have a direct correlation on your irritations. The higher your expectations, the greater your irritations. ~ Ann Voskamp

Go to the following, Ann Voskamp link and let it sink in. Not just wash over you like a wave, swim in it. Take a long, luxurious swim and then come back and share thoughts that lead to an intimate letter to a friend.

With Ann Voskamps Inspiration:

Have you been married long enough for real, imperfect love to grow hot with unmet expectations? And the intense, glowing embers cool and you are desperate in prayer? Reality and expectations cross, that’s a painful point that called me to pivot my posture after focused prayer.

Before you read the recent letter I wrote a dear friend, we’ve a bit of prep work to do: Years ago, now, when I finally released my dear husband from being my god into freedom to be husband. My prior expectations had been super-human. It took quite the pivot to turn my expectations supernatural. Milky language (Hebrews 5:13) we can all digest? Turn from husband for ALL to God for ALL and lift the burden to enjoy the giftings of marriage to this incredible man.

Let’s EXPERIENCE our expectations smoother the life that the gifts of marriage, friendship and parenting hold for us. Now take a deep, Kingdom breath, and imagine the “what if” when we lift the heavy, wet blanket of expectations off those we love, and turn our hearts toward heaven. The reality of heaven: messy faith, messy hope and messy love. . .

And so my friend said three of the most empowered words in a Kingdom Conversation. . . . “Tell Me More” (and when I did not write her soon enough, her precious prompt in text message, “Where’s my letter?”)

Part Two, “Where’s my letter?” Tomorrow 🙂

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