Monday’s Manna Moment: Beautiful Purpose: Susie Larson Part Three

How God Wants to Promote YOU:

Quotes by Susie Larson

“None of us are called to stay in the comfort zone.”

“Give God access to your story.”

“Call me out so I can live a life totally disproportionate to who I am.”

“What is done in Faith, Lasts.”


“Run” “Time to make hay/take more ground on the good days”

“Rest” “God I thought we were dancing/place of obscurity/refinement”

“Stand” “Hit at every turn/storms/put your flag down and stand.”

“Active Waiting” “Groaning deep/steward the land and look towards promise”

“The need does not dictate the call.”

“How much can He bless you before you make it about you?”

“You are not what you do, you are someone He loves.”


I’ve not read the book, but this so speaks to me. And these Seasons rotate as the earth moves, on God’s time. Part of the challenge for me has always been co-operating with His Seasonal changes!!! The weather changes I assimilate with grace. Why so, must I go kicking and screaming into “rest” or “stand?”

I’ve known the “run” and I’m grieving the loss of it. In fact, I’m often agonizingly angry, He took me out of it!! I’ve known and still know the challenging isolation of “rest.” Who said, “Be Still,” would not have growing pains? I’m in the stand, with a foot into active waiting. Every day is a battle to chose to put down my flag on His promises/His Joy/HisHope.

It’s not pretty, but it is life-giving.

Welcome Readers: Greece, France Malaysia! Blessings!

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