Monday Manna Moments: Fear

Fear has always been one of my primary “default” flesh patterns.

Some of us have heard the wisdom in the words. .  . .

“Faith is doing it afraid.”

We went and saw the movie, Gravity, last night.

I can relate, strongly, I might add, to the “fear factor” in this movie. I have my own experience of getting cut loose from all I’ve known, floating untethered into the dark unknown, with this diagnosis. I know I’m not the only one, that has been cut loose. . . a spouse, a loss, a move. . .

How quickly fear moves in, (my health, Bucky’s health, the four girls), like blowing up a ballon, and then my thought life ties it off like a knot, tightly at the bottom. Then the air is pent up and I’m waiting on a slow leak for the fear to dissipate.

I wonder, when I will learn to inhale the Truth deeply enough to stop the frantic exhale of panic that issues as the walls of my life close in on me like the skin of the balloon.
Fear is a tight place, where there is no room for anything else, uncomfortable and claustrophobic to life-space. So, where am I? I’m all puffed up in fear, and then I’m cloaked in His promises. My faith moves forward with doing it afraid on some level. I may be watching this you tube with more views than any of you 😉

4 thoughts on “Monday Manna Moments: Fear

  1. Thank you for sharing that site Tracey. Recently added meditation to my day and will use it. Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” I so appreciate your sharings.

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