Eye Candy for the Heart: Wonder, Created 240 Years Ago

Dear Readers,

I hope you will find great diversity in my posts. There are several, crafted, intentional reasons for this:

1. My wonder of His Kingdom covers a great deal of ground 🙂 (and it’s still growing!)

2. GOD speaks to each of us in a unique “love language” so it it my hope that an area will speak “your language.”

3. It’s part of a legacy of love in a rich, multi-media, rich sensory journal that will speak my life through His gifts to me.

My Uncle Billy sends me some amazing resources and this one below is from him. I love clocks and the ingenuity of the tiny, intricate workings of a handmade clock is so fascinating. It just gives more weight to a God that creates man in “His Image.” My appreciation for the human hand and it’s skilled creations grows by leaps and bounds each and every day.

A 240 year old doll that can write, a clockwork creation by
Pierre Jaquet-Droz — Video by BBC and Lester Fontayne


Note: The doll is programmable!


to like, be entertained, take pleasure in, be keen on, delight in, appreciate, relish, savor, bask in, lap up. . . This is part of the Kingdom Play concept:

Watch Children Playing. Do they stay with one thing the whole time? No! They experiment, always changing their sensory experiences of the world so they take in as much as they can of it’s goodness.

God is good and He gives good things to those He loves!

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