It’s A Red Light!

This is one link, you are going to want to press!!! Wanna know who I really am behind the inhibitions and at the core of my JOY? Many of you who know me are going to be some surprised!!! πŸ˜‰

At times, I’ve been “thought” to be too pensive, too sensitive, too deep (and I readily confess to taking myself and “life stuff” too seriously!). . .you are in for a new awakening! My buddy “TJ” is singing it out for “me” and spreading “it!!!”

You see, if I could open me up on the inside and “show” you the pure essence of my GOD JOY this is sooooooo what it would look like, at the true heart of my life and sharing it!!!

REALLY??? Yes really, this is the mom that rolled down the windows and blew out happy lyrics through the neighborhoods as my daughters hid flat in their seats. My only regret, that I did not do it more often!!!???

This is the one incredible way to live out contagious GOD JOY! I’m telling you God has on matching white rimmed sunglasses and is rocking it out on the highway, watching each and every response. Hoping to see us loosen up into His Kingdom Play!!!

Smiles and Laughter. . .Oh the weight of GLORY expressed withinΒ JOY!!!

You see, I just “heard” God say that JOY takes on a “recipe”Β of it’s own in the Manna of our day, when we allow the Holy Spirit to extract out the sweet essence of Who we are in Him.Β 

Stop in the traffic of your thought life, (honestly, it’s bumper to bumper traffic in the hot heat of the day up there, and you know it!) and roll down the windows to let the cool breeze of joy blow some life up there!!!


Sometimes we just need to give an Amen to life lived out!

Just Click Below:

12 thoughts on “It’s A Red Light!

  1. Love, love, love it! I want a TJ in my car daily!!! I’ve done this a few times to have my kiddos beg me to stop… and hide down in the back seat, laughing……So so wonderful and Mrs. Tracey, I could so seeing you doing this or even doing what the guy in the white van was doing…. pulling up along side of TJ’s car and singing along… so so fun!
    Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you soon!

    • Onalise: :))) How simple but full a little fun is, , , shared it takes flight. I bet for each person that “experienced” that “joy” was a blessing for others that day!!! twe

  2. Tracey Becca,
    You and TJ made my day! I sang every note with him. My kids also still laugh at me as I sing along and “rock out” to everytning I hear on the radio or on CD. He’s so cute, Id like to put him in my trunk!! πŸ™‚
    Hope to see ya’ll for the Team Tracey Walk in a few weeks. I have an appointment Mon. with my back doctor in Columbus, GA, as my back is really acting up again. Feels like another ruptured disc. 😦 My doctor is out of town til Mon., and my precious Nurse Ratchett, AKA Toby, has me in complete bed rest–read that house arrest!!
    Thanks for making my day.
    Love to you Bucko and the Girlls,
    Char Mama

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