Holy Bread Crumbs

Do you feel small today? Tiny at the foot of your life? Your circumstance looms LARGE? Maybe you feel like the people around you are feasting at the King’s royal table, and you are eating stale bread crumbs? These are normal human responses to a very human perspective, grounded here.

Life feels like that, more often than not. As Christians, we do have a royal destiny and we long for our inheritance and to be seated near our Jesus. Even before I had ALS, I often felt like I was crumbling under the weight of things. (Sometimes, I was eating crust off peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.)

The bread crumb perspective in compared to our destiny of a royal feast, we are all eating bread crumbs now. God has such a sense of humor, He is only One that can “talk” to me like this and not hurt or offend me in any way. . . .I heard Him chuckle and say,

“At least they are HOLY bread crumbs that fall from MY Table.”

And I thought about communion at the Lord’s table.

“The bread is My body, the wine, My blood, do this in remembrance of me.” We are called to break bread with each other. . .to mark a covenant. . .and I always feel it. The breaking of bread in fellowship with His broken body as we share a meal. It is a holy moment, my heart registers the communion. The life-giving sharing of fellowship called together in the Lord’s name.

Acts 2:42

New American Standard Bible (NASB) 

42 They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and [a]to prayer.

Holy bread crumbs from the KIng’s Table? Suddenly, I realize a new perspective on the small things in life. I’ll sweep up from dinner and invite you over for a meal. We can have some crumbs with softened pats of butter. I better dust up my mouse hole, set my little corner table for our King, and bring out my thread spool candles, just for you. In the presence of our King, Holy Bread Crumbs are a feast in and of themselves. You are making plans to dash right over?! I know I am tempting you beyond your wildest imagination to dinner in my quaint establishment. I’ll save the biggest crumb for you:) Perhaps, I might find some chocolate brownie crumbs? That’s it, I know I’ve tipped the scale of indecision and the chocolate won you over as my first, church mouse guest! What decadence we will share, in just remember we are only practicing for the real thing. . .Compared to our heavenly destiny, we’ve much in which to look forward 🙂

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