8 thoughts on “Heart Surgery on His Table

  1. Arlys, beautiful! Thank you! There is plenty of bruisings and weather marks on our fruit, but when it’s washed by His Hand, and sliced to His perfection and shared at His Table, how sweet it is, love you, girlfriend

  2. *tears as I write*
    Thank God for your example of marriage, relationship, friendship. I know That God is pleased with the giving of yourselves to each other and to so many in this world. Grateful to be one of the witnesses of God’s keeping power & unconditional love to His children. My prayer is that I may be fruitful (as both of you are) to my very last breath…Psalm 92:12-15

    • Truly our heart in our marriage would not be what it is today without the flood of parental love for the four of you that has deepened our roots in Him, reached our branches out to shade your lives and nestled our home nest in the safest fork of the tree. Come hurricane or drought your family nest is always your strength in our Lord. Love you, mom

  3. You both are amazing and you are a beautiful example to the world and everyone who has the privilege of knowing you all of what an authentic marriage is -for better or for worse, in good times and bad , in sickness and in health…

  4. I would not classify what I do as sacrifice. What I choose to do is service- what God calls us to every day. Tracey, my love, you have served me daily for 28 years. It is my time and purpose to step up a little more. You are a blessing in my life and I would marry you again tomorrow, just like we renewed our vows on that Caribbean Island after 20 years. Thank you for being the woman of God that has given herself to her family for so many years in such a grand, giving manner. What you have done is sacrificial. Remember, though this illness keeps you from walking and talking as you have in the past, you speak and work in other’s lives on an even greater, more memorable stage now. You make a difference in lives, still, especially my life………..Bucky

    • Bucky, I can see how you would see service 🙂 And I love you for it 🙂 But I think when God sees love stretched, He sees the creation of sacrifice? My love and gratitude for your faithful (okay sometimes you put my AFOs on the wrong feet ;)) service, Your daughter’s are experiencing the stretch of our love. Thank you. yours forever, twe

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