When My Heart is Full with Thoughts

Please meet my new blog friend Laurin, an English teacher in Thailand. She loves her pet hedgehog more than her Doritos and mangoes 🙂

Her wisdom and literary style is wonderful for a “young one.” She is “fierce with joy” for her Jesus!!! I like her already!

Enjoy!!! twe

Powerfully Quiet


Sometimes when my heart is full, I write poetry and read it aloud and aloud. Sometimes it’s like an exhale, as my friend Sarah said.

Sometimes, like during these current days, I learn about “toxic fears” and think about having faith in God instead of in ‘what ifs.’ I find out that my fears are relational. Then I think about my relationships. And then when I pray for others, I find comfort in this: “. . . just trust [their] vulnerable, broken places to birth [them] into the presence of God” (Ann Voskamp). It’s having faith, I s’pose.

Sometimes I read that “acceptance is the ability to communicate value, worth and esteem to another person,” and I realize that that’s why acceptance and approval are two different things. (Thanks, Duane Elmer.)

Sometimes I get really excited about the beauty – wide-open, vast beauty as well as particular beauty…

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