PLEASE do not feed the . . .

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We are so good at it too. . .My regular three month check ups at Houston’s ALS Clinic are prime feeding ground for every nook and cranny of my thought life to grow fear. We go this Friday for a full day of testing, and doctor appointments   It’s taste test time again. fork in hand: what shall we dine on today?

Feeding Our Fears:

~ vain imaginings lead us to conclude
~ childhood experiences speak lies as to who we are and who we could be
~ it’s not going to get any better
~ minimize the power of prayer
~ well-meaning friends offer “advice”
~ assumptions because we are sure what other people are thinking
~ we know how “this” ends right?
~ one fear leads to the next and soon we are riding a snowball picking up speed and size, ready to crash smack into the tree at the bottom of the hill
~ leave God out of the “equation”
~ abandon praise
~ the sacrifice of thanksgiving gets lost in frigid feelings
~ we fall into a false sense of fighting with fear wins, when faith fights to victory
~ we deny the experience of fear because our pride will not recognize fear’s icy grip on our shoulder

We can become so satisfied on the junk food of a fearful existence,
there is no healthy hunger for faith, hope and love.

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10 thoughts on “PLEASE do not feed the . . .

  1. Tracy,
    I don’t know if this is the venue to post my thoughts. If there is a better place please let me know.
    Although we haven’t spent a lot of time together I have always had tremendous respect and admired the sincerity of heart that you have always possessed. Over the years I have taken note and advantage of what you and Bucky posses, the people you both are. This revelation is in no way related to or motivated by your ALS.
    Each time I see your girls I am left with the same feeling. Bucky and Tracy got it right. I personally see this as the most important thing in the world. Not only have you helped your children but all of those in their wake. In doing this you are making the world a better place.
    Tracy in this world as big as it is I see few if any that are what you are. I see your face Tracy and I love you and thank you…you have really helped me.
    You must be able to imagine how I feel. I don’t like only being on the receiving end. If you would please think of something that I can do special for you. Anything whatever it is I will love doing it. This message is in no way connected with your illness. Your illness is not who you are nor how I see you.
    Thank you for being such a friend to our family. I would appreciate and enjoy being able to visit with you and yours. When and if it is possible please let me know.
    Tracy you have accomplished what is most important to me and what I pursue on a daily basis. We all get just one strike at this thing and you have hit it square.
    Again thanks for the friend and example you are.


    John C Neyland

    • Dear John, I am humbled and take the honor to our Lord and Savior. I have only attempted to take great love and delight in His gifts around me, which you and your family and certainly part of that picture. The tapestry of our lives are connected by threads, tiny, strong silken threads we cannot even “see.” You words are bringing light to those threads and they shimmer with God’s goodness. I love you too and thank you for your presence at the walk and the eye contact of your love. I take to heart and remember your generous offerings to help 🙂
      Will be in touch! love. . . always on the horizon. . .twe

  2. Thank you for another “pearl” to add to my necklace! I struggle so much with this so I will read this blog over and over! Amazing!

    • Nicole, isn’t fear such a common emotion? Especially for girls and women! And I am so often unaware that I am operating out of fear, instead of faith, that I am making decisions for myself or my family out of fear instead of faith or that I am allowing the darkness of fear to cloud the bright life right in front of my eyes! Thank you for commenting! twe

    • Michelle, So good to hear from you. Your honest blesses us through you comments :). So true for all of us, it normalizes our humanity. And honest transparency are just opportunities to pursue more of who we could be with just enough courage to do the right next thing.

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