Thanksgiving Memories: 2013

Thanks to The Lord

Our Thanksgiving Meal included our traditional: Stack Cornbread Salad, Jeweled Cranberries, Spinach Madeline, Aunt Lisa’s Party Potatoes, Piccadilly’s Carrot Souffle’, Sister Shubert Rolls, A New add: Sausage Stuffing. For Dessert: Chocolate Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie. Thank you Megan for cooking and serving your family with delicious love!!!

Thksgvin 2013

We shared three family things for which we are thankful. . .some family by text proxy. . .some of our Thanksgiving offerings were:
Family Meals
Medical School Support
New Puppy (yes, I have a new grand dog on the way, He’s Morman :))
Christian School
Perseverant Love
Inclusion in Family Hoidays
Ability to Learn
Girls Getting Ready Together/Sharing New Things

***Welcome Viewers from India. I hope you are blessed 🙂 twe

When Thankfulness Steps Up and Out Into Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving Family and Friends,

I love Thanksgiving as much as I enjoy (in joy) Fall. I remember when reading Ann Voskamps One Thousand Gifts, several years ago that God challenged me. He challenged me, even beyond her inspiring and insightful words. I felt Him move my heart in stretching me. . .

“Thankfulness is a Kingdom heart posture, but Gratitude is a way of life in Jesus. When are you going to move beyond a list and live in gratitude to me?” 

I’ve tried everyday since to live out my day, my moments in gratitude. (Some days: better than others, my, I can get really grumpy! Shh! Don’t tell any one I’m not Vanna White all the time ;))

I use to type lightening speed. My heart, my thoughts flew across pages with minimal efforts. I’d get a visual and off God and I would go on another glorious key board adventure. It was like a party on paper waiting to happen. It’s different now. I hunt and peck, the left hand thumb hits an occasional shift button. I tire and you will notice the frequency of post entries slowing down.

Here’s where we are going with this. . .

1. I’m deeply grateful for each and every letter I peck out to you. I won’t let frustration or fatigue get in my way of us “doing” life together. I may be slower to communicate but my heart is still if not more so, full to over flowing!!!

Galatians 5:7 ESV

You were running well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth?

2. I’m devotedly grateful to ride, Bucky driving in cold rain,  in a car to deliver soup (I did not even cook) to Ashie’s porch to greet her after loooong hours at her studio drawing.

3. I’m sincerely grateful for prayers pressed into Father’s Hands from a tear-filled momma’s heart.

4. I’m richly grateful for friends serving us with HIS love.

5. I’m greatly grateful for daughters’ hands preparing mom traditions.

6. I’m specifically grateful for every new priceless memory.

7. I’ll stop here, with this last emphasis: I’m life-givingly grateful that my husband, Bucky took seriously: “in sickness as in health” and is living out that devotion even in the wee hours of the “night needs.”

So, a dear friend and I made Bucky a gratitude window across from his home office:

The Banner says: “Why I Fall For You”

And the leaves say things like:

“Four Beautiful Daughters”

“Shared Great Films”

“Financial Freedom” (He is a wise money steward, Thank God! I’m not :))

"Why I Fall For You"

Pinterest Inspired
See and engage with me here. . . pre-disease, I had less time to love with purpose.  God’s redeeming and restoring my love with gratitude, in spite of. . .I’m oh so grateful for more time, framed within a disease that God is using to give more love in life.

What “hinders” you from making that jump from thankfulness to living a life of gratitude?

Blessings of Gratitude To You and Yours! In His Love, twe

Monday’s Manna Moment: Max Lucado/Fearless I

“Seismos” Greek for storm only used Three times in New Testament:
Matthew 8:24
24 And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being covered with the waves ; but Jesus Himself was asleep.

Other two “seismos” events: The Death and Resurrection of Christ. Now we get some insight into the teachings of  storms.

Note Quotations from Sermon:

“Getting on board with Christ, can mean getting soaked with Christ.”

“In the midst of a stirring storm, Jesus remains unstirred.”

“Lord!. . . Save!. . . .Dying!”

“Fear can erode our confidence in God’s goodness.”

“Fear dulls our miracle memory.”

“Rather than enter the calm of Christ, fear demands that Christ enter our Choas.”

In Gospels, Twenty One commands to not be afraid, Eight to love. . . God is very concerned with your fear.

“Is it possible that in raising the question,’Why are you afraid?’ Jesus is raising a standard, you don’t have to be afraid anymore?”

“If He doesn’t leave us fearless, may He help us to fear less.”


I like that word!!! It’s fits the proportions of my perspective! And honestly, my head knows better, but my heart wonders, “Is He sleeping through this?” I could so relate to, no chit chat. . . . . “Lord! Save!Dying!” And how I get the staccato of those words!

2 Timothy 1:7

King James Version (KJV)

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

 I can oh so feel Jesus raising my standard against this spirit of fear that erodes at my life in Him. I’m not sure what the Holy Spirit and I can “do” with that, but I’m aware now and thank you Max, I can appreciate the humor of our humanity. I can anticipate HIS fear less  workings.

That’s It – I Quit!

This is wonderful!!!

Lessons by Heart

“God, I can’t do this anymore. I’m done!” I yelled, frustrated beyond reason. “I’ve given it my best shot, tried as best I could, and yet I fail at every turn.


This is the danger of living life with “bounded sets” – the rules by which we try to live in order to prove that we are “Christian” by our behavior. The effort of trying to make everyone happy is exhausting…and God is just one more Person to add into the mix.

When life is comprised of bounded sets – one for every situation, the cost is high.

Self-evaluation is done by comparison. As a result we feel:

Like we don’t measure up

Either proud of how “good” we are or ashamed of how “bad”

A nagging sense of guilt






At the end of the day we feel:




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ALS Walk Slideshow: Thank You Allyson Fox

Song: Just Begun by Kimberly and Alberto Riveria

It’s an extravagant gift of time and love to capture an event through the lens of a camera. It takes a quick eye to catch a breath of life in a moment. . .to be cherished forever! Thank you Miss Allyson for the lens into our lives on November 2, 2013. What a gorgeous Fall Day. If you participated/supported/prayed/set up/loved on us in anyway for this event. . . .

Please accept our deepest gratitude for making it a success and giving our Lord GLORY IN CELEBRATING COMMUNITY IN LIFE.

There is a financial aspect of Team Tracey: Through your prayers, love and generous support:

You raised, as of today: $$$ 30, 195 toward research and ALS community provisions.

You’ve exceeded our goal through God’s Hand. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The English language has slim pickings to express gratitude. I know our Lord grants His favor in the investments made for life in Him. Every dollar is honored with His hand and our deeply held gratitude.

Your support is writing hope into our story. “It’s time to turn the page on the ALS story.”

Thank you, love the elofson family

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. I keep watching this slideshow over and over with the music Just Begun, trying to get it. It was through a text a friend sent that revealed what’s up in Allyson’s lens-eyed-view. It’s not my full moon face or the double-chin.

My friend’s text said, “she could see the words on my face.” I know now why I’ve watched it over and over and over. I’ve been searching out God’s goodness. Enter with me, this impossible compression of bitter joy. The pictures give me a visual on what God is doing with this part of our journey. He is speaking forward, amidst the tragedy. . .triumph. As my girls grasp more of His life-giving ways in redemption, this will serve as a teaching tool that carves His love on their hearts. Thank you God for using Allyson in a profound and poignant legacy of love.

My Birthday???

Bucky really wants me to write a birthday post, so here we go. I say we of course because my words cannot go anywhere without you, the reader. You breathe life into them with your eyes :}

Melba Smith Warren thought she had a virus, She was after all, 40 years old with two almost grown children: Toby was 16 years old and into football and Lucie was fourteen and into her poofy hair. My mother and father were shocked, as my mother put it, “that late blooming passion had created a third child.”

At a month “pre-mature,” my mother said I was like bathing a wet monkey with my “lanugo” still covering my little body. (Lovely image to give your baby girl 😉

I had two sets of “parents” with Toby and Lucie watching every other breath. No one knew the future would hold more need for them than their young hearts could fathom as my God-parents.

Photo from iPhone Album

Favorite birthday memories:
January 18, 1989
September 4, 1992
May 17, 1996
May 2, 2000
Our four dynamic, beautiful daughters 🙂

My fourth birthday. A party at home and I finally got the puppy for which I begged, more like nagged my mother into. . . .

A “surprise” sweet sixteen sleepover in which I was convinced my mother would embarrass me beyond redemption. “Cutie” Catherine will remember!

Sweet, sloppy kisses, knock me down hugs (Ashlyn!), large letters from hands not pencil ready (Hope), breakfast in bed (Megan) and fights to get her out of my arms (Kathleen/big sisters) are all soft water colors that make more mommy/daughter memories. (We won’t mention the memories of sick children and messy clean ups, tantrums or sleepless nights right moms :))

Recorded voice mails: The Computer could only “find” two of my four recorded gifts 😦 I’ll kept looking. . . for dear Hope (she’s the one that recorded them :)) and Megan

Ashlyn’s Young Girl Voice Memo:

Kathleen’s Toddler Voice Memo

Memories, labors of husband’s love:

50th Birthday:  Letters Porfolio of love: Beautiful Written Offerings in Relationships, I will forever cherish. “Thank you Lord, for penned expressions of love. I press into praise for the future etchings of them in you.” Amen

52nd Birthday: Dinner Celebration with a few family and friends. Spoken Offerings of Love. Life-giving freedom in the face of ALS limitations. “Thank you Lord, for the Glory you color into our family and friends gatherings in Your name. I press into praise that carry the spoken love forward for legacies that grow.” Amen

53rd Birthday: Family Steven Curtis Chapman Surprise/Jackson Mississippi 🙂 Thank you Hopie for making that happen!!! Day of. . . Blessings Extravagant in God’s Hands XO Sweeeet. Santa Claus made a surprise entrance, life-size, with my brother, Toby making an even bigger surprise visit from Auburn. :). Now, I have a happy Santa to bring in the Christmas Season. “Thank you Lord, for the fragrance of celebrated blessings of life. I press into praise that lifts it high, in pleasing aroma to and for You.” Amen