A Quiver Full. . .

I have a quiver full of arrows.
I want to launch them against my enemy. Oh how I want to fight my own battles. There are no words for the fierce determination in me that wants to fly into a fight for life.  I aim at statistics, respiratory numbers, research “profiles,” (I waited for a research opportunity for the first two years/none available, now I’ve had symptoms too long), brain impulses (make the arm move!!!), machines: nebulizers, cough assist, suction, wheelchairs, lifts, unanswered (what feels like) prayers (where is that target in the sky), lack of answers, tomorrow. . .

How does one target the trials of tomorrow?

Any threat and I pull out my bow and draw it way back to defend life as I know it.

Yet, I find in that I. . .

I do not trust the angle of my anchor point.

My bow arm strength, I do not trust .

I do not trust my bowstring cord to hold.

I brace, but do not trust the bend to attach the bowstring.

I do not trust my draw to be full and complete.

Fletching in flight, I do not trust the arch in air to make good on my aim.

In Kingdom thinking, I cannot defend the Life my Jesus died to save. 



4 thoughts on “A Quiver Full. . .

  1. Dear Tracey, I love reading your blog. It inspires me to be a better person. Your wit and faithfulness shine through your words. Today is a very special day…………your birthday.
    With much love, Carolyn Solar

    For he shall give his angels charge over you.
    psalm 91-11

  2. Dearest Tracey,
    I greatly appreciate you and your steadfast trust and hope in God. Your walk with Him is a beautiful relationship to behold, expressing the abundant Life that is ours in Christ (here and now!) when we receive the fullness of Him. You show us the Scriptures are TRUE! We can walk in the fruit of His Spirit–love, joy, peace–all that He lavishly offers. Thank you for sharing your journey, your longing, your striving, and your embrace of Him. I celebrate you, the day of your birth, and your spiritual birth in Jesus Christ.
    Much love,
    Lauren Cooper

  3. Dear June, thank you for commenting 🙂 We all have workings in His Kingdom until our last breath, should we so chose. I am glad God is using our journey to encourage you. Do you think part of the Kingdom calling in pain is the authentic real suffering of it woven with His hope that does not disappoint? We can normalize the experience of humanity while broadening our shoulders for the divine? Be blessed. I am so grateful to you the readers. It is the reader that breathes life into the word when they pick it up to ponder it 🙂 twe

  4. Tracey, It would be so wonderful to be able to use an arrow to banish our trials. I believe God gives us trials for a reason, and I have that on my list of questions to ask Him! Why, Lord? Did I have more to prove than my neighbor? Our Jesus died to save our souls from sin and to give us ever lasting life, with Him. He knows you are giving your all to fight for your precious life. And He has given you to us! Your blogs have given me so much food for thought and I am truly grateful! You have more work to do for Him, and all of us who are following you. I pray tomorrow will be a much brighter day for you and your Bucky!

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