Walk With Me/ALS WALK 2013

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Thank you, Kathleen for the fun collage!

Walk with me into the darkness of disease

where nightmares die and dreams are born.

The reality of our nightmares is that they have no hold on us.  Darkness is not our dwelling place. Shadowed terrors taught our false beliefs and lies.

Ephesians 5:8

New American Standard Bible 
for you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light

The reality of our dreams, God has a Hand Hold on that one. We are light and are to walk out our lives in the light of our dreams.

Now, let’s talk. We are not talking fairy tales and make believe happy endings.  We’re talking about a gift wrapped life where the beginning and the end are tied together into a cascading bow of eternity. Life in Christ is a gift of salvation that begins in Kingdom Come on earth as it is in heaven. Do you see the inklings of a dream. . . . Heaven on earth?

I am waking up to a nightmare but living a dream. His promises enlighten the darkest corners of circumstances. . . .

The Saturday Walk for ALS so many people had worked so hard to make happen. . . . Came on the heels of our Houston Check Up at Methodist Hospital Clinic with Dr. Appel’s Team. It’s an exhausting day of visits with physicians, therapists and experts with ALS challenges. We got home Friday night earlier than usual. I did not sleep well. (We are a four day/month high steroid dose regime to fight progression. Steroids play havoc on my sleep!) We got to the walk and the Autumn Day greeted me with it’s best dressed self 🙂 Our tent was happy with bright teals and there was a sky of blue Team Tracey t-shirts everywhere. My rock solid support, husband, and my four girls flanking my heart!!! A very special note of gratitude to Michelle, Marlene, Stacy, Keith and Herman for their heart-felt Walk Investments!!!

I had written for Bucky to read to those gathered for Team Tracey:

Dear Family and Friends:

“Words cannot express. Our Lord is honored by your presence here. Today embraces something much bigger than ALS or even it’s cure. It’s about Kingdom Building of an investment of love we can only begin to imagine. . . Please come speak to me. I will communicate through my eyes and touch. Thank you for your steps for me today. Tears of joy and gratitude!!! We love you!!! My community life verse is Psalm 27:13-14  I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” tracey

I walked/rolled through a dream of “falling in love” like I’ve never been “loved,” seen like I’ve never been “seen,” touched like I’ve never been touched. In the cheeks that brushed mine, heaven drew in so close it whispered of mountain top air that thins the veil between heaven and earth. I knew heaven to be closer that day than I ever have experienced before and it spoke to me of dreams. A sky-blue cloud of witnesses walked amidst dancing leaves on drafts of cool, crisp breezes that tickled stray hairs on heads humming with conversation. There was such a sweet sense of fellowship that I remember telling God that is just a taste of heavenly goodness, how glorious eternity is to anticipate.

The presence of hearts united in love, is a powerful testimony of Psalm 27:13-14. If you were there in presence, in thought or prayer or through financial support, please accept gratitude sheered in His grace. I am richly blessed indeed to know His love and your support. You have raised $$$ 30,000 for Team Tracey toward research and provision of needs for ALS patients!!! Wow!!!

There is a photo slide show to come (so check back for updated post) thanks to the heart’s view of Allyson Fox, our photographer!!!

Dear Abba Daddy: Thank you for the challenges that call love up close and personal to make a Kingdom of difference. I have seen the goodness of your heart for me expressed in ways that never would have stepped forth without this ALS challenge. Thank you for extravagant love made known. Amen

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One thought on “Walk With Me/ALS WALK 2013

  1. Lovely! I “walk” with you always. I also thank all those special people who love Tracey and her family. What a difference you have made.

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