Sunday’s Showcase of Truth: November 10, 2013


I texted this to my girls this in morning prayer: God said this is our Sunday Offering.

So here we are:

My Alpha and Omega,
Dearest Father: my little women of Faith need courage from the first to the last, to live out their lives for more than. . .

the same courage dear Lord that whispers me awake after a hard, restless night,

the same courage that holds my hand when my legs tremble cold,

the same courage that smiles through my crocodile tears,

the same courage that lowers me down into the warm waters of trust for water therapy,

the same courage that hugs an arm with my whole body,

the same courage that makes prayer my life~line,

the same courage that stretches a tight left hand toward the keys on my keyboard one more time in gratitude,

the same courage that loves my family forward into Your future,

the same courage that plans our next project,

the same courage that forms letters of intent like a kindergartner forming letters on wide spaced~lines,

the same courage that enjoys a meal through the senses of others,

the same courage that allows her wedding band cut and pried off her finger to be re-sized and returned better than new,

the same courage that plants one of my girls names in a verse of Truth and presses it in prayer into Your scarred hands,

the same courage that waits and waits and waits,

the same courage that invites love,

the same courage that takes one breath at a time into the next into the next. . .

It’s that courage that feels frail but that holds tight to its legacy of Faith. Grow our little women of Faith into their personal revelations of courage, You have hidden there, for each of them, through our love. Amen

8 thoughts on “Sunday’s Showcase of Truth: November 10, 2013

    • Some days Michelle, the words flow like honey, sweet and smooth. That prayer for my girls was like that this morning. So full of sweet love and speaking life above and beyond the pain.

    • Dear Judy, the redemptive power in the “pain” of things. . . yes we are called to wrap our hearts around them and claim them as joy. You will love tomorrow’s post. twe

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