Monday Manna Moment: Tenth Avenue North: Worn

Mike Donekey

“Why we gotta live in this world in the wake of The Fall?”
“God. Are you kidding?”
“Out of that chaos, God brought a song out of my life.”
“Where are you God?”
“Let the cross be the evidence that your heart and mind are longing for. .”
“Our God who brings beauty out of pain”
“Our God is a God who brings art out of chaos.”
“Our God is a God who brings life out of death.”

I am very visual and musical and the simplicity of youtube takes my Worship to a new level. If I had to pick just one youtube that has touched my life at the reality of who I am in Christ, it would be this one. Trees, leaves, seasons hold special meanings in my life.

The bare tree inspires me in the honest revelation of every crooked branch, mar of disease scarred over, bend of draught where the roots dug deep, symmetry pressed into the sunlight and  growth to one side.

Here in this youtube, the tree is restored from it’s cold, barren vulnerability to its warmth, clothed in season in a supernatural reversal in redemption. The truth is this is so much bigger than my story. If we are bare branches honest every heart that picks through these words is worn. Somewhere you are branch-bare with long work hours, a challenge in parenting, pressures at school, a hard marriage, physical pain that won’t ease relief, loss after loss. . . we all need redemption’s song. I hear the joy in the composition and I wanna dance among the rising leaves!

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”  ~Albert Camus (Amen to that!)

Welcome Belgium readers! (I know one of you 🙂

Uganda, what’s up? 35 of you yesterday! You get the prize for most foreign country reads! Wow!

8 thoughts on “Monday Manna Moment: Tenth Avenue North: Worn

  1. Sweet Tracey,
    Melissa told me it is your birthday today!!!! I hope you have a birthday filled with as much joy and peace as possible. You give so much more than I can ever imagine giving. I read your post every time you blog (it appears in my e-mail so I wont miss it), and I learn, laugh, cry, nod, sigh, smile, share every time. Thank you for this. Much Love, Caroline

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday filled with love. We think of you often and always include you and your family in our evening prayer of blessing the food. If someone occasionally forgets, Jennifer always remembers. Your words are an inspiration and a blessing! We miss you and your lovely family.

    • Hi Carolyn, Thk u for your kind support and prayers. We miss our Brownell friends! Wishing all of you well and blessings this holiday Season 🙂 muchly love, twe

  3. Wow…. I just love that song and video. So so awesome. And Mrs. Tracey – your blog… well said, so very well said (typed)… You always have a way with words.

  4. It’s awesome to know God is able to carry those of us who are worn and make something new, rebirth from what looks like nothing. He is able to make it beautiful and worthwhile.

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