My Birthday???

Bucky really wants me to write a birthday post, so here we go. I say we of course because my words cannot go anywhere without you, the reader. You breathe life into them with your eyes :}

Melba Smith Warren thought she had a virus, She was after all, 40 years old with two almost grown children: Toby was 16 years old and into football and Lucie was fourteen and into her poofy hair. My mother and father were shocked, as my mother put it, “that late blooming passion had created a third child.”

At a month “pre-mature,” my mother said I was like bathing a wet monkey with my “lanugo” still covering my little body. (Lovely image to give your baby girl 😉

I had two sets of “parents” with Toby and Lucie watching every other breath. No one knew the future would hold more need for them than their young hearts could fathom as my God-parents.

Photo from iPhone Album

Favorite birthday memories:
January 18, 1989
September 4, 1992
May 17, 1996
May 2, 2000
Our four dynamic, beautiful daughters 🙂

My fourth birthday. A party at home and I finally got the puppy for which I begged, more like nagged my mother into. . . .

A “surprise” sweet sixteen sleepover in which I was convinced my mother would embarrass me beyond redemption. “Cutie” Catherine will remember!

Sweet, sloppy kisses, knock me down hugs (Ashlyn!), large letters from hands not pencil ready (Hope), breakfast in bed (Megan) and fights to get her out of my arms (Kathleen/big sisters) are all soft water colors that make more mommy/daughter memories. (We won’t mention the memories of sick children and messy clean ups, tantrums or sleepless nights right moms :))

Recorded voice mails: The Computer could only “find” two of my four recorded gifts 😦 I’ll kept looking. . . for dear Hope (she’s the one that recorded them :)) and Megan

Ashlyn’s Young Girl Voice Memo:

Kathleen’s Toddler Voice Memo

Memories, labors of husband’s love:

50th Birthday:  Letters Porfolio of love: Beautiful Written Offerings in Relationships, I will forever cherish. “Thank you Lord, for penned expressions of love. I press into praise for the future etchings of them in you.” Amen

52nd Birthday: Dinner Celebration with a few family and friends. Spoken Offerings of Love. Life-giving freedom in the face of ALS limitations. “Thank you Lord, for the Glory you color into our family and friends gatherings in Your name. I press into praise that carry the spoken love forward for legacies that grow.” Amen

53rd Birthday: Family Steven Curtis Chapman Surprise/Jackson Mississippi 🙂 Thank you Hopie for making that happen!!! Day of. . . Blessings Extravagant in God’s Hands XO Sweeeet. Santa Claus made a surprise entrance, life-size, with my brother, Toby making an even bigger surprise visit from Auburn. :). Now, I have a happy Santa to bring in the Christmas Season. “Thank you Lord, for the fragrance of celebrated blessings of life. I press into praise that lifts it high, in pleasing aroma to and for You.” Amen

20 thoughts on “My Birthday???

  1. Tracey Becca,
    Toby has not stopped talking about his trip to BR for your birthday. He has told me every little detail of the love outpoured to you by your “family” of friends. He and Monty were so glad to be able to surprise you. You deserve every bit of the love and admiration, as you are the most special person that we have ever met. Your love of God and family, in spite of your ailment, has inspired everybody who has the privilege of knowing you and your precious family. I wish we could clone Bucky and Toby so everyone could be as blest as you and I are. My heart was heavy when Toby left here without me, even tho I know it would have been an impossible trip for me to make at this time. When I am able, I will come down and make you miserable! 🙂
    Give Bucky and the girls our love—and Sean, too!
    Love ya lots!
    Char Mama

    • Awe Char, we missed you 😦 Praying for recovery and pain 😦 If we can inch forward, God will use each and every heart muscle to build His Kingdom. Just one inch at a time. Love you muchly, twe

  2. Tracey, Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!! Your recordings are all there! Your girls hear them at every moment of every day! Your memories with them are blastered in their hearts. Your words are recorded in their minds and will be with them forever. The Lord continues to bless us daily and you are our blessing! I loved your picture slide show that told me the story of all the love that you share. Thank you for your gifts to me on your Birthday….Kisses! Melanie

  3. Hi Tracey! I love reading your thoughts. You are such a gift to all of us! Happy Birthday to you! Listening to your little girls telling you how much they love you, brings tears to my eyes. The recordings are an incredible gift from Bucky. Your love for each other is amazing and so uplifting. I pray that all four of your ‘girls’ find the same deep love you and Bucky found and nourished.
    Thank our good Lord, that Dr. and Mrs. Warren never let their romantic flame go out! 🙂
    Sending hugs!

    • Hi June, thank you for such a generous comment. 😉 Our love continues to grow. It’s such a God thing how He redeems our brokenness with such beauty. I see the expression of love’s beauty in my husband, dear daughters and friends. . . that without the disease would have remained dormant. Thank you profusely for prayers for my girls. That is where my heart camps out. . . in futures of faithful love in their own families. So glad you visit with us 🙂 twe

  4. Happy Birthday Tracey!!
    Rejoice in the breath of life that God our creator gives us each day! Your blog is an inspiration to me and I am mesmerized by your obedience to His calling each day! He is using you to touch so many and WE are being blessed through you.
    Your birthday post was so special. What a joy you must be to your precious family.
    Praying for you and your family every day. With love, Debbie Blume

  5. Tracey, The Lord rejoiced on your birthday and I have rejoiced in your friendship! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. You were and remain in my thoughts and prayers. You are a remarkable woman and I look forward to seeing you soon!

  6. Tracey, I wish you mountains of hugs & kisses. I love you and miss you. You are precious. You have given me so much courage as a mom. You are my hero!!!!

    Melissa Guillory Bridge to Success Teacher Christian Life Academy

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