That’s It – I Quit!

This is wonderful!!!

Lessons by Heart

“God, I can’t do this anymore. I’m done!” I yelled, frustrated beyond reason. “I’ve given it my best shot, tried as best I could, and yet I fail at every turn.


This is the danger of living life with “bounded sets” – the rules by which we try to live in order to prove that we are “Christian” by our behavior. The effort of trying to make everyone happy is exhausting…and God is just one more Person to add into the mix.

When life is comprised of bounded sets – one for every situation, the cost is high.

Self-evaluation is done by comparison. As a result we feel:

Like we don’t measure up

Either proud of how “good” we are or ashamed of how “bad”

A nagging sense of guilt






At the end of the day we feel:




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5 thoughts on “That’s It – I Quit!

  1. Tracey, Thank you for sharing. I expect so many of my friends to be wonderful like you and Bucky. You two are amazing friends/family – always giving unconditional love. That’s difficult to find these days. I was recently bullied by someone that I thought was a friend(I have not had a chance to tell you that story yet). I was shocked and thought – Isn’t this the way children behave? That’s when I said, ” I QUIT.”
    I have enough friends and I need to guard my heart. I prayed hard about not lashing out at this person. I know that is what Satan wants me to do. But at night when I am going to sleep, I put myself to sleep by saying over and over- “Vengeance is mine saith The Lord.” I know He is in control and I have to let Him have it and keep it. I love you, Connie

  2. Tracey – thank you thank you for sharing! Such prefect timing too!

    Hope that you had a wonderful birthday and Have a wonderful Thamksgiving with Buckey and the girls!

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