Monday’s Manna Moment: Max Lucado/Fearless I

“Seismos” Greek for storm only used Three times in New Testament:
Matthew 8:24
24 And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being covered with the waves ; but Jesus Himself was asleep.

Other two “seismos” events: The Death and Resurrection of Christ. Now we get some insight into the teachings of  storms.

Note Quotations from Sermon:

“Getting on board with Christ, can mean getting soaked with Christ.”

“In the midst of a stirring storm, Jesus remains unstirred.”

“Lord!. . . Save!. . . .Dying!”

“Fear can erode our confidence in God’s goodness.”

“Fear dulls our miracle memory.”

“Rather than enter the calm of Christ, fear demands that Christ enter our Choas.”

In Gospels, Twenty One commands to not be afraid, Eight to love. . . God is very concerned with your fear.

“Is it possible that in raising the question,’Why are you afraid?’ Jesus is raising a standard, you don’t have to be afraid anymore?”

“If He doesn’t leave us fearless, may He help us to fear less.”


I like that word!!! It’s fits the proportions of my perspective! And honestly, my head knows better, but my heart wonders, “Is He sleeping through this?” I could so relate to, no chit chat. . . . . “Lord! Save!Dying!” And how I get the staccato of those words!

2 Timothy 1:7

King James Version (KJV)

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

 I can oh so feel Jesus raising my standard against this spirit of fear that erodes at my life in Him. I’m not sure what the Holy Spirit and I can “do” with that, but I’m aware now and thank you Max, I can appreciate the humor of our humanity. I can anticipate HIS fear less  workings.

8 thoughts on “Monday’s Manna Moment: Max Lucado/Fearless I

  1. Tracey, I fear everyday that Bailey will have another stroke or a seizure. Please pray that I replace that horrible Fear with Faith. Satan sure knows my weaknesses. He knows what buttons to press!!! I feel as though I am saying, “Get Behind Me Satan” more often these past few weeks since Bailey’s stroke. Praying for you. Move mountain move!!!!! Hugs, Connie

  2. “Fear can erode our confidence in God” got my attention. Am I willing to get soaked for Christ’s sake? How am I going to live intentionally this Christmas season? I want my life to look faithful to Christ, believing that he is saving me over and over again from the storms of life. Thank you for consistently pointing me to Christ. May you feel His abundant love today!

  3. Hi Michelle, that concept of seismos really has stuck to my ribs! And how the disciples, with THE LORD and HAVING SEEN miracles said:
    LORD! SAVE! DYING! I felt my heart slip into a fit like a hand into a soft, leather glove. love, twe

  4. That is a great reply – I agree – I also would like to learn to enter His realm of calmness and not allow my personal situations to reach a level of feeling dispareness. I like that word “Seismos”

  5. Thank you for sharing that sermon. I have been fearing Christmas and needed to hear those exact words. I read somewhere recently…there’s not enough room in our heart for both fear and His love, so if I CHOOSE to fill my heart with this love then there will be less room for fear.
    Father, help us to fear less, to crave your peace and presence and for supplying all the grace and mercy needed this day, Amen.

  6. Your post caught me in the middle of demanding that Christ enter my chaos when what I really want is to enter His calming presence. thanks for this reminder, sweet Tracey!

    • Hi Dear Frances, Thank you for reading! I loved that QUOTE!!! So challenging! Hope all is well. Thank you for serving our Lord in the missionary field of HIS Kingdom. So few are called but what a rich investment the Lord reaps from your hearts. love, twe

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