When Thankfulness Steps Up and Out Into Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving Family and Friends,

I love Thanksgiving as much as I enjoy (in joy) Fall. I remember when reading Ann Voskamps One Thousand Gifts, several years ago that God challenged me. He challenged me, even beyond her inspiring and insightful words. I felt Him move my heart in stretching me. . .

“Thankfulness is a Kingdom heart posture, but Gratitude is a way of life in Jesus. When are you going to move beyond a list and live in gratitude to me?” 

I’ve tried everyday since to live out my day, my moments in gratitude. (Some days: better than others, my, I can get really grumpy! Shh! Don’t tell any one I’m not Vanna White all the time ;))

I use to type lightening speed. My heart, my thoughts flew across pages with minimal efforts. I’d get a visual and off God and I would go on another glorious key board adventure. It was like a party on paper waiting to happen. It’s different now. I hunt and peck, the left hand thumb hits an occasional shift button. I tire and you will notice the frequency of post entries slowing down.

Here’s where we are going with this. . .

1. I’m deeply grateful for each and every letter I peck out to you. I won’t let frustration or fatigue get in my way of us “doing” life together. I may be slower to communicate but my heart is still if not more so, full to over flowing!!!

Galatians 5:7 ESV

You were running well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth?

2. I’m devotedly grateful to ride, Bucky driving in cold rain,  in a car to deliver soup (I did not even cook) to Ashie’s porch to greet her after loooong hours at her studio drawing.

3. I’m sincerely grateful for prayers pressed into Father’s Hands from a tear-filled momma’s heart.

4. I’m richly grateful for friends serving us with HIS love.

5. I’m greatly grateful for daughters’ hands preparing mom traditions.

6. I’m specifically grateful for every new priceless memory.

7. I’ll stop here, with this last emphasis: I’m life-givingly grateful that my husband, Bucky took seriously: “in sickness as in health” and is living out that devotion even in the wee hours of the “night needs.”

So, a dear friend and I made Bucky a gratitude window across from his home office:

The Banner says: “Why I Fall For You”

And the leaves say things like:

“Four Beautiful Daughters”

“Shared Great Films”

“Financial Freedom” (He is a wise money steward, Thank God! I’m not :))

"Why I Fall For You"

Pinterest Inspired
See and engage with me here. . . pre-disease, I had less time to love with purpose.  God’s redeeming and restoring my love with gratitude, in spite of. . .I’m oh so grateful for more time, framed within a disease that God is using to give more love in life.

What “hinders” you from making that jump from thankfulness to living a life of gratitude?

Blessings of Gratitude To You and Yours! In His Love, twe

38 thoughts on “When Thankfulness Steps Up and Out Into Gratitude

  1. Tracey, I am so grateful for your genuine loving, caring, patient, giving, open heart. You have the most beautiful heart of anyone I know. I loveeee you!!! Connie

  2. No one could have expressed this more eloquently. Loved every word!
    You are a beautiful example of gratitude, courage, service, joy, hope, and love.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to yall. Love the Fall Window. Im very grateful for Craig (his birthday was today) but have never thought to do something so adoring. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thankfulness, gratitude, blessings are all connected. Woke up hearing my dad’s favorite song “Count your blessings, name them 1 by 1, count your many blesings see what God has done.” Your family is blessing in my life and you inspire me to live a life of gratitude! (a work in progress)

  5. Tracey- I just signed up for your blog– so inspiring and I am so sorry that I have let busyness and the “excuse” of “I don’t know how” to receive these earlier! I am looking forward to reading future posts and catching up with your past posts! Happy Thanksgiving form the Myers – thanks, Christie

  6. Happy Thanksgiving – I wish you, Bucky and the girls a very blessed day together – I know your hearts are already filled with God’s love and spirit. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. I hope you know how much you inspire me. I love you, I love your heart and I love your honesty. I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever!!!

  8. Tracey, what challenging words today. I want you to know that I am praying so much for you today – it seems more than most days. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Bucky, and those precious, beautiful girls.

  9. I am blessed by having you in my life. I do appreciate my window of affirmation every time I glance left from my desk. Thank you for blessing me in so many ways that I have never properly thanked you for……..Bucky

  10. I’m grateful to hear your words. To learn to trust and obey. Your often in my prayers. And Bucky. And sweet girls.
    Sometime I want to come over and read our prayers out loud.

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