Thanksgiving Memories: 2013

Thanks to The Lord

Our Thanksgiving Meal included our traditional: Stack Cornbread Salad, Jeweled Cranberries, Spinach Madeline, Aunt Lisa’s Party Potatoes, Piccadilly’s Carrot Souffle’, Sister Shubert Rolls, A New add: Sausage Stuffing. For Dessert: Chocolate Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie. Thank you Megan for cooking and serving your family with delicious love!!!

Thksgvin 2013

We shared three family things for which we are thankful. . .some family by text proxy. . .some of our Thanksgiving offerings were:
Family Meals
Medical School Support
New Puppy (yes, I have a new grand dog on the way, He’s Morman :))
Christian School
Perseverant Love
Inclusion in Family Hoidays
Ability to Learn
Girls Getting Ready Together/Sharing New Things

***Welcome Viewers from India. I hope you are blessed 🙂 twe

14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories: 2013

  1. Tracey,
    Your Thanksgiving dinner looks amazing. It could be featured in a magazine. I would love the jeweled cranberries recipe if you share recipes. Thank you for sharing the picture!

  2. First I want to wish you a belated birthday wish as I couldn’t find the blog.
    Until I got an email saying you were not feeling well, I was to go visit with you.

    What a Thanksgiving meal. I would like the receipes for the Cornbread stack salad, jewel cranberries, and your Aunt’s potatoes.

    I am so thankful to have you as the tender of my heart. I think of you so often. Want to see you soon. love, Elaine Hillman

    • Hi Elaine,
      Soo gooood to hear from you! I’ll work on posting those recipes!!!
      Are you still doing “your homework?” `much love! Sorry visit did not work out 😦 Some days are extra tough and I cannot anticipate!!! 😦 twe

  3. Karen so true! How we like to combine tastes in one bite. That’s how I like to eat our jeweled cranberries: with the smokey turkey or cornbread dressing 🙂 love! twe

      • I have 2 favorites and I always eat them together, like in the same bite. Cornbread dressing (my grandmother’s recipe that my mom and I make together) and spinach Madeline that my sister makes. I’m so sad I have eaten all the spinach and now my dressing is lonely : o (

  4. My Dearest Tracey, Punkie aka Herman, Mama Sybel and I had a lovely time with you all on Thanksgiving Day. We are so very blessed to call you all our family. I love you so very much!! Thank you for a Christ-filled dinner. Hugs, Connie aka Lady Bug.
    Matthew 11:23,24 (our verses)

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