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Dear Readers:

If you are interested. . . let’s share a cup of tea and Biscoff cookies. This is our annual Blog report. I want to thank you for partnering with me in this adventure. Your support, kind words and faithful reads, keep me on track more than you know (tears). Knowing you are there keeps me with you here in our space.

This celebrates some of our “Kingdom Workings.” This celebrates life lived together. This celebrates how you told a friend, or forwarded to a sister/brother, or commented or texted me or emailed me.  This celebrates how you are the life beyond words that connects our journeys to empower “Kingdom Play.”

Thank you

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Monday’s Manna Moment: Set Sail/Rick Warren

Monday’s Manna on Tuesday, my heart is lagging behind a little. . .

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Seize the Moment!
by Rick Warren
“Be careful how you act; these are difficult days. Don’t be fools; be wise: make the most of every opportunity you have for doing good.” Ephesians 5:15-16 (LB)

Everyone has a dream. Maybe you’ve had it since you were a child. Maybe it came to you more recently. Desires, wishes, and ambitions should be a part of all of our lives. You may have hidden it deep inside of you, but you have a dream.

The question isn’t whether you have a dream. It’s “What are you doing with your dream?”

Most dreams never come true. It’s not that we’re not smart enough, not outgoing enough, or not spiritual enough. Usually, our dreams don’t come true because we’re unwilling to take the necessary risks to reach them.

The Bible shares a sad one-sentence commentary about a king who failed to achieve an important ambition in his life: “[King] Jehoshaphat built a fleet of trading ships to go to Ophir for gold, but they never set sail — they were wrecked at Ezion Geber” (1 Kings 22:48 NIV).

While it’s a tragedy for your ship to never come in in life, it’s a greater tragedy for you to build a ship and never set sail. Imagine the energy and expense expended by King Jehoshaphat. He built an entire fleet of ships to go after the gold, and not one of them set sail. They never got out of the harbor. Evidently a storm came up and, while these ships were in the harbor, they slammed against the rocks and were destroyed.

Some people spend their whole lives waiting for their ship to come. But God isn’t waiting for your ship to come in. He’s waiting for you to sail your ship out of the harbor.

I know a man who for 30 years had a dream of starting a ministry. He talked about it, dreamed about it, and planned it. He spent a great deal of time on this dream, but he never took the risk to do anything more about his dream. He never got his ship out of the harbor. Eventually, the man died — and so did his dream.

The Bible’s antidote to that kind of tragic procrastination is as simple as an overdone catchphrase but excruciatingly difficult to apply at times: Just do it. The Bible says, “Be careful how you act; these are difficult days. Don’t be fools; be wise: make the most of every opportunity you have for doing good” (Ephesians 5:15-16 LB).

The Bible urges us to seize the moment and act now. To live a life with unfulfilled dreams is a tragedy. Ships aren’t made for the harbor. They’re made to set sail.

So are you ready to set sail?

Talk It Over

For what dream have you planned but never taken action?
What resources have you been waiting on in order to make your dreams reality? What resources are already available to you through God’s provision?
What are the opportunities that you need to make the most of today?
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Got this in my email box this morning. I don’t have permission to reprint but will seek it out. My hope is to increase his subscription and exposure not steal his material 🙂 How does this apply to me? My circumstance? My Faith life?Read the next post. love, twe

Beyond Words

Words cannot. . .

Embrace love



Heal a broken heart


Break the silence

Carry a melody of hope

Exist once spoken

Hold Truth

God can. . .

Where words fail, God bridges the great divide

His Nature

His Music

His Life

This was my bridge today:

“Where words fail,

music speaks.”

― Hans Christian Andersen

Christmas Collage, 2013


IMG_7231 Welcome Baby Jesus!!!

Our special “Sean” Casserole: Holidays/Beach/Company


I package low fat cream cheese

1 package ground sweet or hot sausage (your preference)

2 package cans crescent rolls

1 onion, 1 red, 1 green bell pepper

beaten egg


Pam 8×10 Casserole Dish

Chop veggies small

Brown and rinse sausage

Put sausage back in pan and sauté veggies till soft

Cool slightly, mix in cream cheese

Open rolls, lay whole package to fit, pinching seams

Spread sausage/cream cheese over flattened rolls

Lay the other can rolls on top, pinch seams

Brush with beaten egg

Bake 350 about 20 minutes until top is browned

Let cool slightly: Cut into squares enjoy!

A Glimmer of Heaven?

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 5.33.17 AMI hate my circumstance. I do, no use pretending to be pleasant or polite.

But, I love this quote. Thank you Ann. These things are being revealed. . . in the past two years with this awful diagnosis. . . I believe with His daily/nightly grace and mercy:

1. I’ve fulfilled more of my purpose during this “confinement” than perhaps the 50 years before it.

2. The invisible investments are the richest we will ever make in His name.

3. My family/friends know more of my identity in Christ than I’ve revealed in the past.

4. There is a new freedom in loving that empowers when a brush with a cheek might have felt awkward, I’ve long sense lost. . .”What will they think. . .if I say to a friend, ‘I love you,’ (‘love you’ felt safer) if I tell a daughter ‘I need,’ (risky vulnerability) if I actually keep a negative thought off my text message screen (and I let the mis-understanding sting me rather than my husband: Imagine that? :))”

5. I’ve used the time, through His Hand, I hope, to put to paper and Blog what I was too busy to birth from this kind of passion for life in Him.

The process of preparation and purpose is not comfortable. We resist being moved out of our comfort zone. Not a minute ticks through that I do not deeply resent all the loss in this trial.

But I’m not deaf to the joy that cries out of the cradle of a treasure in a new friendship, or 33 readers from Japan, a post that writes itself (one finger pecking out the words), lying awake at night just waiting for the sunrise in Megan and Kathleen’s faces as they tell me a school-day goodbye, a deep risky encouragement that brings tears to a young princes’ eyes, five minutes of eye contact fulfills when five hours left me “wanting,”

On a bad day, God glories in the joy birthed. On a good day, I endure the labor pains with more grace and Glory is swaddled tight and the joy is passed in embrace.

His Glory is always a glimpse of the glimmer in Heaven.

In eyes that reflect wonder

Hand cut snowflakes

A teddybear puppy love

A candle

Extravagant devotion that is beyond words

Freshly hung guest room curtains: labor of love

What is in preparation workings, toward the birth of His purpose in you???

Christmas Blessings!

Please email me a Christmas picture and I’ll  try to include you in tomorrow’s slide show: your front door or Christmas Tree, etc. 


Christmas Candy :) Sweeet!

This Post is dedicated to Hope.

There is something healing that stirs in our souls when we experience the joy of another “playing” within their unique Kingdom giftings. We are pre-wired to recognize God’s purpose “played” out through another’s offerings to us!!!

Hope, my oldest daughter, says it makes her happy to see people enjoy their passion. She shared this youtube with me 🙂 It might have something to do with 12 years of piano lessons her dad invested in her heart and head XO I hope you too enjoyed this Christmas offering. Blessings!

Welcome Japan Viewers! You are the highest out-of-country views we’ve ever had 🙂 Just interesting to watch what God is doing! Welcome back India, always good to have you with us! Christmas Blessings!