Sunday’s Showcase 12/1/13

Revelation 4:8

“is to come”

What speaks to me is what is to come. . .

Rose buds packed with silken promise of fragrance and full bloom. . .

It’s the bud that holds tight to what is to come. . .

P.S. As I’ve pondered this over the last few days, I felt God whisper. . .

“Thing’s are different here, your senses are no longer dulled by the affects of sin. You will be intoxicated by the profuse fragrance of every rose. You will know each rose by it’s unique sweetness, woodsy or spicy scent from a distance as We stroll in My Garden. There is much to anticipate in My Presence with you.”

6 thoughts on “Sunday’s Showcase 12/1/13

  1. What is to come…..surely it must be better than what’s been!!!
    “He makes all things new & I will follow You forward”- Israel Houghton

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