Monday’s Manna Moment: Max Lucado Fearless II


“We the standby peasantry had no such privilege.”
“How do we get a seat on the last flight home?”

“Uncertainity about eternity is the Godzilla of all angst.”
“Bold belief thrilled Jesus.”
“Jesus offered not muscles but mercy.”

“Courage grows in a seed bed of grace.”
“You have not been forgotten.”
‘You are not lost.”

{Okay God, I am confident heaven is my destination, Thank you Jesus!
Why are we posting part two? Then this next quote hits me between the eyes! twe}

“If you were able to chose between a body that would have nothing but perfect health until the day you die, but no guarantee of heaven or the guarantee of heaven and a body that has it’s occasional challenges or struggles; Which would you chose?”

{I don’t know about you, but I have more than occasional challenges with my body, but the healing miracle became crystal clear. At some point, I’m going home. I’d chose ALS with a heavenly destination!!! Hard stuff but so true! twe}

“Nothing fosters courage like a clear grasp of grace.”
“Nothing fosters fear like fear like an ignorance of it.”

“Courage begins in the maternity ward of Grace.”

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Manna Moment: Max Lucado Fearless II

  1. Oooh, Tracey – this is so powerful. Wow. What perspective. Know that I am thinking of you right now, praying for you daily, and loving you always. —-Judy

    • Judy, I find I can see, hear it, even touch it. But I cannot embrace it, yet. All of our days but we chose to ignore that difficult Truth. Even, faced with the hourglass most do not see, The running of sands make us fearful. The heavenly perspective guides our hearts to our true destiny.

      Thank you for responding with such heartfelt words! muchly, twe

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