A Room Full of Life . . .

At a church function, November 17,  for our youngest daughter, we completed the milestone for all four daughters to make the True Love Waits commitment for marital purity. We are so very proud of our Kathleen! We celebrated at home with her sisters with flowers, candles and a cake 🙂

TLW Hands

At public functions/events, I am acutely aware of what a privilege it is to witness life evolve for my daughters. I don’t take these moments for granted, but they carry a poignancy of life that is richer, further reaching  than ever before. Thank you Father, for my witness in Kathleen’s life. Amen

I also find myself struggling outside my little comfort zone bubble. My bubble is a protective dome of people that see me often and so there is an unspoken level of “we are all use to this and so. . . ” God is always good for love shows up and people choose to enter my “speechless” world of disability. They make love real in eye contact, hugs, kisses, a story or two. . . And I marvel at their courage to remember me, to see beyond the effects of the disease to who I am. It would be easier to busy themselves within the event .

Not only does God show up but so does my humanity. Life in the room threatens how I define mine. Lives go on for others and I feel myself slipping backwards in some bent perspective that comes up with twenty-five ways to say, “Why me, Lord?”

I’m was a mess of gratitude and something I can’t put my finger on. . . a toxic emotion that caused discontentment to rise with the morning sun. I reached for Streams in the Desert to read and my heart dropped to my feet. . . . Is it possible, God’s been ease dropping in on my heart life? LOL All kidding aside, this devotional gave a word to my emotions. I was offended by the life in the room. Not the people, but how I perceived their life stacked up next to my circumstance. (Divorce? Loss? Bankruptcy? Loneliness?) I felt challenged by His direct heart massage to get the Truth flowing again. I now have insight into what I’m feeling, why I’m feeling it and where to go with the offense. (Now, I’m finding my “pride” does not want to admit to you, I can be offended. Ouch)

Streams in the Desert: November 18, 2013

This does normalize our humanity in tough circumstances. But the main “point” is God speaking into my circumstance. The offense is the result of my confinement inside my own body. I do suggest an empowered change. . . “even if I am confined to a dungeon, my soul CAN prosper.” In Faith, their are perspective in choices to be made. I have to choose to be free in Christ Jesus. We all have confining circumstances, to some degree (Job, Difficult Marriage, Prodical Child, Health Challenges, Etc.). It’s all too easy to be offended.

Our humanity is going to show up at family events, the message of a movie that hits too close to home, an immature comment, stress that plays out in behavior and all too familiar: Holidays!!!   I can promise you at least once this Season, you will find yourself offended, (How about traffic? How dare those other drivers slow you down, today of all days when you have so much to do?) Been there.  Then what you gonna do with it? May I humbly suggest that we all make a commitment, right here, right now, to bind that ugly offended/offensive response at the manger bed of our baby Jesus and N-O-T let it move into our behavior or our words? Don’t you think our precious Holiday memories would will be better celebrated with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh?

Let’s rise above the “offense”

and refuse to move into an offended posture and be “blessed is he/she”!

10 thoughts on “A Room Full of Life . . .

  1. You are always peeling a layer back for us to see more of you — your sharing often makes me look inward at my own life. I don’t always like what I see – but it always makes me stronger – better. You are one of the purest hearted people that I have ever known….

  2. What power in these words!!!! The most amazing thing is to consider how long ago Mrs. Cowman wrote this wonderful devotional, and how timely it is – today!!! We each have our offenses, as you said, and this ministers so directly – to me – today. Thank you, once again, my friend!

    • Oh Judy, I am so glad to know this spoke to you. How blessed we are to share His workings here with each other 🙂 Thank you for giving community life to the words. love, twe

  3. Tracey, Praise to our dear, dear Father who speaks so tenderly to our souls through these devotions (mine are Jesus Calling and Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening). His words at just the right moment bring me to my knees and wash my face with tears, I can feel the warmth of His arms wrapped around me sometimes. Somedays, I don’t want to leave my little corner with all my books filled with His truth, promises and hope (heaven!). I guess that’s my little bubble 🙂
    Another new song I can’t stop listening to on YouTube…Hillsong United “Oceans (where feet may fail)”
    To the great unknown…we WILL find Him there….

    • Dear Annie, what a blessing your comments are, I know you know the depths of where your feet fail. XO It’s miracles we can miss in those moments where His love reaches down and makes itself known to us in such intimate and personal ways. The song referral fueled our next post 🙂 His dynamic of spreading the Glory around!!! love, twe

  4. This is sooo good. Thank you. I needed to read this. Love Streams in the Desert. I haven’t opened it in a while, the app or the book. Getting it off my shelf now. Have a beautiful day filled with wonder. Love you, Marguerite

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