Blind Corners/Joy Revealed

We have these blind corners. They hurt. We can’t see what’s just past the current location. There is no “google map it” for our lives :(. For me, it’s a sense of just holding on. . .


I’ve often thought that physical/emotional/spiritual pain causes spiritual amnesia. It’s that fog, despite His promises, that there is nothing around the corner. . . The blindness experienced is sheer misery. It forges a depth of holding. . .It’s not “pretty!!!” I’m angry, shut-down, sobbing or gritting my teeth with all the strength of presence I can draw on from my Jesus just to hold on. . .

2 Corinthians 5:7

In the blindness of a tough moment, there is a small quiet voice, that tells me life is worth holding onto. . .There is joy coming “in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)   This what God revealed after holding on through the cold/damp misery. . . So, turn the corner with me and see what’s worth enduring into Faith that Christmas joy comes in the morning. . .

Ashlyn’s Christmas gift from the family. Meet Ashlyn’s new buddy “Ollie.” How priceless is the sheer joy of someone you love?  I could not “see” this coming. Hold on with tough love in your misery of the moment, okay? You cannot see, but by blind Faith, a corner turn and your “joy that comes in the morning” is revealed!!!

Welcome Visitors from India 🙂 Blessings!

One thought on “Blind Corners/Joy Revealed

  1. Although I knew Ollie would be joining the Elofson family, I had no idea how deeply and profoundly this would touch me. What more perfect a gift can be given than pure joy and love. Thank you Trace for sharing this and helping a Scrooge once again see the true Christmas spirit.

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