Inspired Joy!!!

Dedicated to Ashlyn

I just love making people happy!!! There is something about the delight on someone’s face when they receive something they want or really need that makes me want to just come right out of my skin. I just can hardly stand the joy that breaks loose.

Personally, I think we are pre-wired for joy from our Lord. There is something in us that resonates deeply from another’s moment of goodness. I’ve tried to hold onto it, make it linger in the air, so I can breathe it in deeply into every sad crease to smoothe them all out.

But, I think that kind of pure joy can’t last here. That’s what Heaven is about, the joy holds in heaven!!! Won’t it be wonderful to have goodness hold it’s value? Not the waxing and waning we are so accustomed to here on earth???

Heaven is a place where joy holds it’s value forever and ever and ever!

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