Requested Family Recipes

While I’m sharing favs: This is my favorite Christmas song. We took Hope and Ashlyn to see Point of Grace in concert as little girls. This is there Christmas, “When Love Comes Down.”

This concept embraces more than the Christmas Season for me. It’s a family meal, prayer time with a friend, when a daughter washes my hair, I gIve out an offering from our blessing basket, plan a meal (even though I cannot shop or cook it), a gift given in love, my husband tucks me in for the night or nap.  So, enjoy love coming down to you from these holiday sharings from our table to yours. . .

No Copyright infringement intended on recipes. All rights are retained by the websites. In fact, I hope these entries will get you to visit them in planning your meals!!! These are recipes we’ve used for years at Thanksgiving and Christmas, some of you have requested. I’ve given the websites full credit and encourage you to visit them for your table inspirations.

If I could, I’d pass out beautiful vintage, hand written recipe cards to each of you, wrapped in a sheer, red bow.

This is next best thing!

This Post is dedicated to our Megan :}


Cranberry Sauce

Changes we make: freshly squeezed orange juice if we have time, always fresh orange zest stirred in while it cools. Never tried the rum? I call this recipe “Jeweled Cranberries” That’s what they look like once chilled :). And we like ours cold!

Visit  all

Cornbread Salad

We use jiffy cornbread mix. At Christmas: red and green bell pepper for color. Finer grate cheddar cheese than pictured, sharp cheddar is best. Fat Free Sour cream and Hellman’s lite Mayo. Best made the day before for flavor.

allrecipes is my standby site I check first for inspirations.


Party PotatoesSome of you have asked, I grew up on cornbread dressing and made my Aunt Gaye’s recipe for years. I’ll include it soon in a page done just for her, but this past year we did a new recipe with sausage stuffing everyone liked.


Sausage Stuffing

We used Pepperidge Farm Herbed Bagged Stuffing Mix. We used ground sweet Italian sausage. We always rinse ground meat or sausage in hot water after cooking to cut down on fat content before adding to a casserole or sauce type meal. (We include grated carrots everywhere we can for nutrition e.g. omelets, casseroles, sauces etc.)

We, by tradition, have the same meals on bothThanksgiving and Christmas. I like a honey baked ham at Christmas so I can make homemade black eyed peas for New Years Day:

Our Holiday Menu

Turkey/Ham, Microwave Spinach Madeline, Cornbread Salad, Piccadilly’s Carrot Souffle, Party Potatoes (introduced by Aunt Lisa), Jeweled Cranberries, Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans (My friend Diane, drizzles honey over them just before serving :), Sister Shubert’s Rolls, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie. This year for Christmas, I hope we can make this Egg Nog Trifle Dish recipe I just pinned to pinterest. (Check out my Pinterest/Christmas.) I try to use my trifle bowl every holiday. It was a wedding gift from my mother, Melba.

7 thoughts on “Requested Family Recipes

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the recipes, Tracey! I am looking forward to trying the cranberry sauce. Blessings upon blessings to you and yours this Christmas season.

    • Yes Lu, so yummy! You will get to taste when you come 🙂 Yea! Sisters together at Christmas, mother will be very happy. I guess she cannot get away with “bah hum bug” this time of year in heaven! LOL

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