Sunday’s Christmas Showcase of Truth and Beauty: 12/15/13

Dedicated to my mother: Melba Smith Warren and her best friend and my daughter’s Montessori Directoress: Mrs. Mickey Williams


Blue Letter Bible Reference: Strong’s Number Reference System

“strength” Strong’s Reference #H5797  Transliteration ‘oz  (English translate from original Hebrew written word)

Hebrew  masculine noun: strong, power, might, boldness, loud, mighty

So, I read, The Lord is my boldness in my circumstance. I feel anything but bold” in a wheelchair unless I’m mad at my husband (never) or a daughter’s boyfriend (Mama Bear here) and I have bold visions of plowing them out with all 400# of “Big Boy” wheel chair (don’t tell anyone!). LOL Most of the time I feel very small and shrinking by the day beneath the weight of a disease that throws my family around like a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus rex thrashing us side to side in his giant, sharp teeth. Of course this image is out of place. (Don’t you have to resist the strong urge to take that awful/mean/scary image off your screen? Imagine how my family feels about the disease???) That’s a weak reflection of how ALS fits into the picture of my family. It’s not about what we “feel,” it’s about what we know to be true. In The Lord, my family is bold in the “face” of our circumstance.

How does “boldness” fit into your Christmas circumstance?

“song”  Strong’s Reference # H2172 Transliteration  zimrah

Hebrew feminine noun: melody, psalm, vocal, instrumental, celebrated

So, I read, The Lord is my vocal melody of celebration. I’ve lost my voice. My singing voice was one of the first things to diminish in expression. (Not that the loss was noticed by anyone but our Lord. I wasn’t singing my little ones to bed and my “joyful noise unto the Lord” was not a loss to my congregation :)) But, I miss it. I miss the old “melody” of life in my suburban, at lunch with a hurting friend, standing at my kitchen window: watching for the kids to drive in from school, lighting a candle, hanging up Bucky’s freshly starched shirts shirts by color (I’m not Susie~Homemaker, I did not starch and iron his shirts, that’s our precious Velma, that truly irons the wrinkles out of our life with prayer.)

Here is where the weight of Truth comes in and redeems you, me, us. I thought it was my “song” to sing. And I was oh so busy spreading my melodious music!!! Now that my song has been paused (not silenced), what is celebrated in song, is His Melody. The beauty of the psalm He writes now is far more precious and more clearly heard in this musical “rest” in our lives. I must chose to let Him sing His Psalm for me.

Image Found: Visit www,etsy,com

Image Found:
Visit www,etsy,com

This Christmas Carol is very special to me. My mother, Melba Smith Warren, sang silent night to me year round when I was growing up. In third grade, a German exchange student, taught it to us in German and the German lyrics stuck with me. I sang it to my four baby girls in German as I rocked them to sleep. When my girls all started their education with Mrs. Mickey Williams, in the wonderful Montessori School, every Christmas, I taught their classes, Silent Night in Sign Language for the parent’s Christmas Program! What exceedingly precious memories with that Christmas melody!!!

Will you allow God to compose a melodious Christmas memory in your life this Season?

16 thoughts on “Sunday’s Christmas Showcase of Truth and Beauty: 12/15/13

  1. I have memories of sitting in your suburban listening to a song together! Your choices in music were always spot on for the moment. Do you remember one of my favorite versions of Silent Night we sang at Broadmoor, Night of Silence? Look up Silent Night/Night of Silence arranged by Ferguson. A great example is by Richard Proulx and the cathedral singers.

  2. Tracey, loved the mental image of you plowing over Bucky or a daughter’s boyfriend with “Big Boy”! Wouldn’t that at times just make us feel so much better! Like throwing a shoe!! 🙂 If only we could all be so bold in living our lives as children of the Most High King! Love you!!

  3. His melody in you is singing of your life lived for and in Him! Lord, cover this precious family in your love and comfort! Love you!

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