“In the Holy Nativity of our Lord” by Richard Crashaw

Dear Readers:
Please do not take your voice for granted. I certainly did. The words you speak are your song or poem to the world. Use the privilege of your verbal expression wisely. Seek to bless. With these precious words by Richard Crashaw. . .read them to someone you love today. Lift the words up from the screen and bring them to life with your unique love. Share the meaning of Christmas through words that ring true of our Savior. In the spirit of Christmas, twe

Tolle Lege

“Welcome, all wonders in one sight!
Eternity shut in a span;
Summer in winter; day in night;
Heaven in earth, and God in man.
Great little one, whose all-embracing birth
Lifts earth to heaven, stoops heav’n to earth.”

–Richard Crashaw, “In the Holy Nativity of our Lord,” in The English Poems of Richard Crashaw (London: Methuen & Co., 1652/1901), 54.

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6 thoughts on ““In the Holy Nativity of our Lord” by Richard Crashaw

  1. Thank you for this reminder! I take your words with wisdom. Please continue to bless us with these words on the pages…I can hear you reading them…I can feel you sending them. 🙂

  2. God bless you Tracey. Whenever life’s little irritations try to become “big”, I read some of your “words of wisdom”. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Tracey, these words were set to music in a choral piece that I did with one of my Treble Choirs at Dunham. I don’t know if I have the music now, but it was wonderful to work on and perform! Thank you for this memory today! The nice thing about “us singers” is that even when our voices are not audible, they are strong and vibrant in our minds and souls. I am a relatively quiet person, and of course, am not singing as much daily as I did for so many years while teaching. But the songs ring loud and clear in my heart, I still change keys in my mind as I sing silently, and really, it is all even more precious now that I sing within myself more than I do out loud. I know this is the same for you, and though we are at two different places physically right now (geographically and bodily), and I am careful to not take my voice for granted, the importance of which you have reminded us here, our hearts soar with the beauty of many words and tunes that have impacted us so greatly over our years, and truly, we sing so loudly from within. And God is our audience! Singing with you, my friend!

    • Dear Judy: What a lovely comment to receive and read 🙂 I did not know these words were set to a choral piece, that must have been beautiful! It’s interesting to “note” I can no longer hear my speaking voice in my head, but I can still “hear” every song I ever sang 🙂
      Music is truly the notes made by the heart!!! Let’s keep lifting melodies of praise to HIM. love you, twe

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