“Every Year, It’s The Same Thing”

Cat Dressed Up Like Reindeer

While our kitty friend has capped the subject of Reindeer. . .

My Aunt Gay made reindeer cookies every Christmas. I would go to visit through their back door. It was always open if they were home 🙂 Just like their family is and was to me. I considered it and still do my second home. (tears)  My cousins were more like my siblings growing up because I did not have any siblings at home. How many of us are blessed to have one home even, not two with that you are always welcome here with open arms place to secure our heart?

So, in the spirit of Aunt Gay’s open house for me,

I offer and celebrate these no stress cuties!

1. Just buy sugar cookie dough. Cut plain pretzel twists to make antlers.

2. Assemble your semi-sweet chocolate chips and we use red mms.

3. Slice sugar cookie dough and tuck antlers in, eyes and nose pressed slightly.

4. Use fingers to pinch in lower third for face shape.

5. Bake to sugar cookie directions. Bee careful to remove from oven before cookies brown 🙂

Great family fun with little kids or big kids!

To honor in memory of my Aunt, we’ll just call them,

“Aunt Gay’s Reindeer Cookies`”

Would be a great tradition to start leaving these cuties out for Santa Claus!

Reindeer CookiesThank You, Donna

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