It Was An Unlikely Pair

He was stationed down south as a navigator in the army in WWII. Vermont born and raised Catholic. 5’5″ in stature and his broad shoulders supported a quiet and reserved demeanor. She towered over him, 5’9″ verbal and poetic, a writer on her college newspaper, was raised southern Baptist. Merle Flagg Warren and Melba Rebecca Smith were married secretly and wore their wedding rings around their necks. He was an officer in the army and officers were not allowed to marry at that time.

Melba and Merle spent their first Christmas in Vermont where she met his parents for the first time. One of her favorite memories came from their visit there. It was a chilly evening but they left the window open to enjoy the crisp air of a northern Winter’s night. When Melba woke early before any other morning stirrings. She delightedly discovered that during the night, a fresh snow had fallen. . . layered it’s majestic white blanket of Winter slumber on their bedcovers. As she recalled the magic of her memory, a slight smile warmed her face. Her head tilted, as if she was listening to the silent secrets snow whispers as it blankets a newlywed’s bed through an open window of  dreams.

This slide show, all from Pinterest, is dedicated to

Melba’s White Christmas

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10 thoughts on “It Was An Unlikely Pair

    • The beauty of the Season is so full of Wonder! If I could I’d blow a front yard of white wonder to blanket your front yard Christmas morning XO I wonder in Heaven if we will be able to give gifts like that to each other? Now, that’s extravagant love! your, twe

  1. Tracey, I’d forgotten that story until now. That unlikely pair created some beautiful children in their lifetime. You have your mother’s writing talents…reading your description of her stay in Vermont is like being there. I can envision her face and smile. Warm hugs, Catherine

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