Snowflakes – who knew?

Love the loveliness here. Speaks volumes about a detail oriented God who takes His beauty seriously. Enjoy, twe


macro-photography-snowflakes-alexey-kljatov-2While the Southern Hemisphere swelters in humidity and great overdoses of sunshine, our friends in the North get to enjoy a spectacular reminder of our Creator’s intricate designs. These snowflakes are magnificent – though at times I suppose they can cause chaos and lots of work. Whether you are neck deep in snow, or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these macro snowflake images!

“As fascinating as macro photography is, most of us think we can’t do it because it requires specialized equipment. Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov, however, is an inspiration to aspiring amateur photographers everywhere – he created a home-made rig capable of capturing stunning close-up pictures of snowflakes out of old camera parts, boards, screws and tape. His pictures give us an enchanting close-up view of snowflakes that we could never hope for without specialized equipment.

The wonderful thing about snowflakes is that no two are alike. Their extraordinary…

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8 thoughts on “Snowflakes – who knew?

  1. Tracey, one year ago yesterday, Adam and I arrived back at BR General from a 10 day stay at MDAnderson’s…he by ambulance and I followed by car. “Adam’s suite” was waiting for him…the walls adorned with handmade snowflakes by the nurses, pharmacist, and anyone else who worked the 4th floor that loved Adam. It was the prettiest scene when we opened the door for the first time, it took our breath away. And the snowflakes kept coming for the next few days, it looked like a winter wonderland. To think all those who painstakingly cut out those beautiful snowflakes, Adam felt so loved by his adopted hospital family. How much more so our dear sweet Father loves us to create and pour over us such blessings and gifts as the snowflake, adopted families, His presence, His grace and mercy and the greatest gift…His Son and eternal life with Him in Heaven. Oh happy day!
    Thank you sweet friend for the gift of yourself, your wisdom, your words, your visions, your encouragement, your prayers.

    • Oh Annie, thank you dear one for sharing your heat. The wonder of love come down. How He redeems us in love is an incredible experience amidst the trials of life. Amen

  2. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. God certainly loves diversity. He made us a lot like those snowflakes…all different, but the same

  3. I like the image of snowflakes and especially the detail and design that lay hidden until one stops and looks a little closer. A perfect example of the paradox of so many things in our world. Outward and obvious simplicity with an infinitely complex foundation. Thanks for the thoughts. alan

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