Christmas Candy :) Sweeet!

This Post is dedicated to Hope.

There is something healing that stirs in our souls when we experience the joy of another “playing” within their unique Kingdom giftings. We are pre-wired to recognize God’s purpose “played” out through another’s offerings to us!!!

Hope, my oldest daughter, says it makes her happy to see people enjoy their passion. She shared this youtube with me 🙂 It might have something to do with 12 years of piano lessons her dad invested in her heart and head XO I hope you too enjoyed this Christmas offering. Blessings!

Welcome Japan Viewers! You are the highest out-of-country views we’ve ever had 🙂 Just interesting to watch what God is doing! Welcome back India, always good to have you with us! Christmas Blessings!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Candy :) Sweeet!

  1. Amazing talent!! They are having such fun sharing their kingdom gifts 🙂 I know you are having such fun having Hope home for the holidays.

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