Hitherto: Part Two

Wasn’t that Post yesterday soooooo beautiful??? I do love this book, Streams in the Desert by Cowman. I was first introduced to it during a friend’s grief process. i think what really sings (not speaks) to me is the unique communion of beauty with the bane of life in Christ. I’ve literally lived/camped out here since I received this via email from a friend. I’ve been under “the green boughs of mercy” and the “strong pillars of lovingkindness and faithfulness which bear up my joys.” I have not wanted to budge an inch!!!

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Here’s my hitherto. . . One of most precious memories, I was on weekend retreat and we had free time. I took a quilt and pillow and lay down under an aged, twisted Oak Tree. It was one of those rare weather-graced days: Puffy, dream-laced clouds in an azure blue sky, a cool breeze caressed the sun’s warmth in tune to a prefect touch. I had often looked up into the sky through the trees, but never lay down in a posture open to the etherial expanse of sky.

I lay down, feeling the moist ground come through the quilt, but was soon drawn into the “boughs of mercy” and I could feel this tree bearing “up my joys.” Peace, I found that day.  The canopy of tree and sky immersed me in it’s framework of majesty. I felt so very much “me” in this sanctuary of space in God’s Land of the Living. I relaxed into quilt-circus-and-pillow-620x465 an intimate embrace that eased me into a deep sleep.  I woke sometime later on my own. I lay there for a few minutes not wanting to break the “magic of the moment.” I did eventually get up, reluctantly, but I gathered myself together. I felt like I was spread out everywhere. What sweetness, Lord!!!

  • It was one of those experiences that defines one’s faith and solidifies one’s identity in Christ.
  • It was one of those experiences that is forever etched on one’s heart.
  • It was one of those experiences that is bookmarked in the story of our lives.


2 thoughts on “Hitherto: Part Two

  1. Hey girl. Your post made me think of my spot in the world. The place where I hear God moving in the breeze. So, I’ve sent you the picture. It’s at Wind River Ranch in Estes Park, CO love it. Look at their website. They had a mud slide so they’re in repair mode. http://www.windriverranch.com love cbp

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