Hitherto: Part Three, I’m a Wannabe Walton

Yes, I’m still camped right there. On that Hitherto Devotional from Streams in the Desert.

Today, I’m referencing the “evening farewells” of The Alpine Shepherds.  They sing goodnight to each other in singing of the Lord’s goodness.

 “Let the echoes gather till a very storm of Hallelujahs break in thundering waves around the sapphire throne, and then as the morning breaks we shall find ourselves at the margin of the sea of glass, crying, with the redeemed host, “Blessing and honor and glory be unto him that sitteth on the throne and to the Lamb forever and ever!” 

I grew up like an only child because my brother and sister were 16 and 14 years older than me. Much love was poured out on me with two sets of ‘parents” as a little one. My dad died suddenly when I was seven years old, our house felt empty. As, I got older, I was lonely in a house with just my mom and me. I knew I was deeply loved. My mother did the best she could. I don’t know how she managed with so little income and losing her husband, suddenly, in the prime of their dream. 😦 (A brand new home and new position as head of Special Education Department.) I experienced a sense of a second home at my cousin’s house. Praise God they welcomed me there with a wagon load of kids and a boy and girl cousin my age.

Hence was born an awareness and need for community early on in my life.  We are made for community :). Patterned after three best friends: Father – Son/Jesus – Holy Spirit, we are our best selves in community. Our families are our community. Our schools are our community. Our churches are our community. It’s the places designed to gift us with opportunities for intimacy, authenticity and challenge us to grow.

There is no prefect community, except in The Trinity (Father/Son/Holy Spirit). Each and everyone will “let us down” and disappoint us. In that normalcy of our human experience, we live and learn abundant grace and mercy. Let it go. Let the expectations go of a perfect community. If our hands are holding tightly to broken pieces of the picture, it will leave a bloody mess. In the letting go, our hands heal and are open to receive His goodness.

I miss my communities. I had rich, sweet, abundant Christ-Life in all of them. It’s such desperate missings, I keep my heart turned away from the loss. Can anyone relate? It seeps in just enough to process it, but it’s all just too big to swallow. But I must let go of what was, to embrace what is. . .

There is much goodness in the “land of the living.” Callings of goodnights rock our souls in love’s sweet echoes to lure us into the dreams God’s destiny holds. I grew up watching and living through The Waltons. I’m a wannabe Walton 😉 It wasn’t perfection that called to me from the television epic, but the goodness reflected there. I use to marvel at how the mom, Olivia, would open her Bible, without a word, when her face flared with anger.  Enjoy the echoes of goodness here with me.

Okay, so we are not The Waltons. 😉 Hitherto: We are made for community and to experience it’s goodness. Find a way to echo God’s lovingkindness at the close of your day.

  • Light a candle
  • Hold that hug
  • Send a tuck-in text
  • Read a devotional out loud
  • Speak a blessing over someone
  • Leave a love note on a pillow
  • Share a youtube worship song
  • Share a cup of warm tea and cookies: Listen
  • Warm a blanket in the dryer with a Scented dryer sheet

We need it. You need it. I need it.

Let our goodnight echoes gather in His Throne Room.


See my Pinterest Board: “Goodnight”

8 thoughts on “Hitherto: Part Three, I’m a Wannabe Walton

  1. Tracey Becca,

    I wrote you a long response to this this afternoon, and somehow it vanished off my screen before I sent it?! I will try again and try to shorten it, but I hope to jog your memory of almost 50 years ago.

    I sometimes spent the weekend with your family when Toby and I were engaged. Lucie and I would try to sleep late, since we had been out late the night before, but you, Little One, had a different idea. You had to be tucked into bed many times, but always pleaded for another drink of water or milk, or a toy. Your Mom was the most patient person I have ever met—not Lucie or I! We prayed that you would eventually quit demanding attention and fall asleep—and hopefully sleep late the next morning. Again, your idea was not what we wanted. You were up before God, and at our door pleading to come in. Oochie, as you called her, kept telling you to go away, and your Mom took you away many times, closing the hall door. It was only a few minutes before, you were back, knocking at our door. Usually, you got that miserable little train that would “toot toot” down the hall, and when it bumped into our door, would whistle loudly!! It would back up, hit the door, whistle, and continue to do it repeatedly! Over and over again! Oochie would threaten to get up and throttle you, but you continued, as we held our pillows over our heads to drown out the blasted noise. Finally, Oochie told you you could come in and get in to bed with us, but you had to be quiet and let us sleep. You lay there, maybe 30 seconds and started to talk to us. We finally gave up and got up. You won again. You were one persistent little girl.

    I can still see you in your little red jumpsuit (which Stef wore many years later) sitting in your Dad’s lap as he supposedly read to you. It took me a few minutes to realize that you were reading to him and you were only 3!!! You still are my little Red Jelly Bean–the cutest, smartest little person I have ever met. You captured my heart. When I lived in the Home Management House on USL’s campus, you were the main topic of conversation at the dinner table, as my friends couldn’t wait to hear about your antics of that day. You were better than Carson or Leno!!

    You were the most cherished, loved child I had ever seen. Your “tuck ins” should last you a lifetime. Know how much I have loved you since that first day when I met you, and you asked your Mom if I was a peacock, as I had on a silk dress with splashes of color on it and a long yellow “duster”, as they were called then.

    How I wish Toby and I could be there to tuck you in tonight. Please know that we will be thinking of you when we go to sleep tonight.

    Hugs to you, Bucky and those amazing girls!
    Char Mama

    • Hi Char Mama,
      What a cherished recollection of memories. I, somewhere tucked deeply, remember that happy little train and even the “peacock” comment. Thank you for vesting such goodness in time and love on our Blog, This will be one I’ll read over and over again with past delight. Thank you for the dearest “tuck in,” muchly love, twe (I still love red :))

  2. I am singing of the goodness God has placed in your heart, and your willingness to share it with others. I have fond memories of watching the Waltons every week with my mom and sister. I am sending you a good night tuck in hug and kiss. As I text my daughter most nights, sweet dreams and I love you! 🙂

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