Monday’s Manna Moment: Joy in Loneliness/Mark Driscoll

“We are Trinitariarn in nature. Relationship driven.”
“Gospel partnership is not based on proximity or affinity.”
“Joy is not as much an emotion as it is a lifestyle.”
“Gospel parterning is perseverance enabling.”

Proverbs 4:23
New American Standard Bible
Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.

“You need Jesus love to be satisfactory, Bible knowledge be your goal and discernment be your lifestyle.”

Hebrews 12 . . . Cloud of witnesses. . .

“It’s not just about the information, it’s about transformation.”


I think what really struck me about this and why I shared it. . .

Is that God in His gracious lovingkindness has been building friendships for me that reached beyond proximity and affinity and “crossed” into what Matt calls “Gospel Partnership.”

I’d like to take it a step further.

In living/breathing/dying/learning/breaking bread/growing/listening/falling/getting back up/hoping/crying/laughing/giving/serving/playing/changing/ . . . . The Gospel is lived/exchanged/experienced in such a way that communion is offered and received. Lives are linked eternally.

Divorce, estrangement, health issues, moving, transitions, loss, grief, success, leadership, trials, marriage challenges, new baby, etc. all carry their own unique loneliness challenges.

My circumstance and the loss of so much “footing” in my life brings on desperate loneliness. In the same breath of that loneliness, is the rich blessing of relational “gospel partnerships.” Because God is in the middle (the glue that binds us together) yielding mystery I cannot comprehend, the essence of the relationships are not only maintained, but they are building on themselves. This miraculous miracle occurs often with no effort on my part. Which is a profoundly good thing since most of my effort invests in survival.

It is in/with/through these “Kingdom Connections” that joy makes itself known, regardless of the circumstance!!!

It does not require much for God to connect these kinds of partnerships.

  • Show up.
  • Get Involved.
  • Do Life Together.

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