My Friend: Portion/Posture


The best of the best of the best “counsel”

I’ve ever received might surprise you:

~My Friend/Mentor/Director Offered~

Not advice, but a listening heart

Not words, but soft eyes

Not knowledge, but open hands

Not busy, but a timeless posture

Not a large scope, but only me and mine

Not expectation, but patience

Not answers, but confidence in my revelations

Not lyrics, but a melody

Not judgement, but unconditional love

Not reserve, but spilling confidence in my future

Not motion, but stillness

Not blazing, but glowing warm

Not nickel and dime, but extravagant portion

Not polite gesture, but sheer delight in who I am

Not thoughts, but prayerful consideration

Not herself, but a clear reflection of God in me

Friendship is not so much a portion as a posture of true worth.

This friendship experience:

Healed places I did not know were broken
Changed my life forever.
Inspired me to work toward such offerings

Offer some reflections in your friendship corner of the world.

You may never know that you built His KINGDOM, just one heart offering at a time 🙂 GOD KNOWS!!!

8 thoughts on “My Friend: Portion/Posture

  1. Dear Tracy,
    Beth and I have just learned of what you, Bucky and your friends, family, church have been what you are going through. Know that we are thinking and praying and hurting. As is evident..You are one are His favorites! Your life…, choices, …magnificent husband, …wonderful, talented and brilliant girls, …and your words, grace, patience, courage and other-centered-and-serving faith…humble everyone…to follow Him…for you are the crystallization of who and what we all desire to be.
    You are loved and cherisehed by countless many.
    Well done good and faithful servant.
    Bill and Beth
    Little Rock Ar.

    • Dear Bill: So good to hear from you after all these years. I heard some of you and your dear family from Ramona Lytle. She highly of all of you. We have been through some really tough times, but God’s Grace continues to prove faithful in those around us 🙂 Thank you for your kind and humbling words. How we all long to hear well done good and faithful servant. Love to Beth, Bill and Family

  2. This is wonderful! I want to be a better listener! It’s a new day! My prayer is that I take a step toward that today and be the listener that someone in my life needs. I love you, sweet friend!

    • Dear Kris Ann,
      The learning curve to listening is a challenging one for all of us. So worth pursuing for love’s sweet victory 🙂 i so love you too!! twe

    • And we women would be wise to not feel the need to comment on everything. That in itself would leave more space for listening!!! Thank you for your patience with my words upon more words upon mostest words. I Think I could have stopped at the first word to let you get a word “IN.” your wife, twe

  3. Sweet Tracey, How priceless that advice is! And comforting to me who never has the right words at a moments notice. When I look back on this past year, it is friends who did just this with me…yourself included 🙂 And you are so right…it is life changing! I need to be more intentional with friends/daughters/sisters/mother/mother-n-law. I long for the day when I wake up and ONLY think to pray for others. Thank you for your wise and lovely heart today.

    • Dearest Annie,
      Precious, gracious wisdom in your kind response. How blessed we are with glimpses of His Glory through the divine blessing of encouraging friendships!!! Thank you for your encouraging presence in my life. love,

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