I Stand

But Tracey, you cannot stand!!!

I cannot stand in the sense you know. But I stand in my heart, erect and straight with a spring in my step ready to greet you. I make it happen in my heart-life. GOD did not create us to take this life laying down. Just lay down and let the loss and the pain and the despair just roll right over me? I don’t think so!!! Just sit here and watch the joy explode in a puppy romping in leaves or ham and bean soup in the crock pot or pretty in pink baby picture pop up on my phone and receive it slumped over in a wheelchair? I don’t think so!!! Just shut down/shut out life because the very nature of it moving on without me hurts??? I don’t think so!!!

We Stand:

  • In Church
  • When the bride comes in
  • When the National Anthem is sung
  • For excellence/standing ovation
  • When a lady enters the room (I had a young man stand up so fast from my kitchen table, he knocked his chair over and his head hit my chandelier at the same time. Kinda took an immediate liking to him!)
  • To back up to a warm fire
  • To answer the door
  • To toast The New Year, Etc.

You won’t see me “stand,” but I’m going to ask you to use your imagination to see this heart posture in me.

I stand because life is a win in Christ for me.

To honor my Lord, I stand.

I stand to greet you because you are sheer delight to me.

On His Promises, I stand.

I felt like that you tube was made for me: Pops of yellow, upbeat with good, solid depth and the focal point of standing. I use to so enjoy walking into my toddler’s room, to find them standing in their crib, bouncing with endless energy. The mattress springs groaning with jumps of jubilant joy.

I buried my dear to me/second family/Uncle Billy today. The last thing his three children and I, like one of his own, “felt” like doing was standing up. Honesty, pain makes my flesh want to curl up in a fetal ball, and wail, “God, enough already???” (I’m really a trembling “Piglet” dressed like a bouncing “Tigger”) But there we, and many others stood to honor his life. As Father Blanchard said, “Life is bigger than death.” Therefore, we stood, on God’s Promises of Eternal Life, in our desperately loving grief, for his full, shared life.

May We Take This Life In Christ Standing Tall

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P.S. Just an odd fact to note, my brain is a storehouse of memories. I can pull up the “physical sensation” of all movements in my head. How it felt to climb stairs, stir a pot, stand up, etc.

20 thoughts on “I Stand

  1. The Father’s manna has boldly spoken through you time & time again but this song ……. PTL is you! You stand now bigger than ever before! I feel your love; I think I feel your thoughts; I definitely feel your prayers. The gratitude I feel for you is “beyond” – just beyond anything I have known before – you are angelic & I love you.

    • Thank you for what you “see.” What generous expressions of God’s goodness. I too am grateful for you, your inspiration in you trials and your friendship. We move into beyond together. . . i love you. twe

  2. Tracey, you stand taller, with a brighter light, and with better posture than all of us. Thank you for pulling us up to stand by your side as you face ALS head on.

    • Dear Claudia,
      Thank you for the affirmations. I don’t feel it often, but I’m pressing into His promises to survive my feelings. It means so much to me to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. twe

  3. You are right, my sweet friend—that song is SO you! I have listened to it quite a few times since you posted it. And cried every time. You are such an inspiring example to us all in what it means to live above our circumstances, and to love extravagantly while doing it. Love you!

    • Thank you dear Sherry! I’m listening to it daily. Thank you for the encouragement. Much needed and appreciated. It helps me stay focused on our Lord. much love back, twe

    • Love favorites!!! But I guess you know that. Thank you so much for commenting. I am so grateful God can transform transparency into inspiration. i love and appreciative you. twe

  4. Wow, a very inspiring post. Thank you for sharing and giving me the encouragement to STAND today. I am sorry for your loss and your family is in my prayers.

  5. Tracey – your strength is amazing. Again, your thoughts give me strength and hope. I totally agree with you on our memories being a great way to revisit our lives. I often walk through spaces (in my head) where I lived as a child or raised my family (we have moved a lot). I met a man in PA who wrote a book how music (songs) will take us back to a certain memory in our lives – recreate that feeling. Sending you much love! Bill send his love also.

    • Dear Michelle,
      God-given grace can flow through memories for healing. Music and memories dance to the rhythms of our feelings. So good to see you and Bill the other day. We soooo appreciate your support and friendship. You can walk through memories anytime with me. much love, twe

  6. AMEN Tracey, with tears of joy I stand with you! No other way to live but standing on HIS promises/hope/grace/mercy…and memories. Sleep well and long and peaceful and pain free tonight.
    In Christ love always,

    • Thank you for shared tears. His promises are made to hold the weight of our lives. We share those promises with each other to us in love. Love in and of our Jesus, twe

  7. Tracey, My wonderful wife, I have seen you stand for years, but you “stand” taller now than I have ever witnessed before. You “stand” despite great challenges by your presence in my life. Thank you…….Bucky

    • Dearest B:
      Thank you for standing as witness to my journey. It’s grace that allows awareness of presence to grow. I’m pressing into that grace, to purpose my life with presence.

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