That’s A Wrap!

Amen. Thank you, Lessons By Heart
Press toward the goal of our prize in Christ.
With my love of good solid films I enjoyed the analogy 🙂 twe

Lessons by Heart

Yesterday’s a done deal. The actors left the set, the lights are off, the crew went home. The film is “in the can.”

In life, unlike the movie industry, we don’t get to edit the film. We can’t do a retake. It’s done.

All we have is today.

If you didn’t like how the scene went yesterday, study it. What went wrong? Is there a chance that there will be a scene like it in the future? What could be done differently?

We can spend today beating ourselves to a pulp for yesterday’s performance, or screaming at the cast for not getting their parts right.

It won’t change a thing.





It can’t be undone. The words taken back, the actions erased. They are what they are. There will be no opportunity to shoot the scene again.

Today is tomorrow’s history.

If you want a better history…

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