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I have often found God to be silent, in those moments when my heart is shattering at my feet. My heart, as with most of us, has been broken in all the venues of my life: marriage (I still can’t communicate my intent)}, parenting (Laying in a hospital bed, holding my newborn baby girl and they say, “We’re gonna call in the neonatal cardiologist to check out this little heart thing we noticed in her.”), ministry (Numbers much smaller than expected. . . what did I do wrong???), Friendship (I walked out on her and humbled up for forgiveness. Ooch).

Where are you/were you, God when I need/needed you the most?

“Have you ever had someone who knows you well and loves you the more for it, sit close to you and hold your hand? Were words necessary for the moment to fill with goodness? Then why do you want me talking to you every moment of your day and night? Is not my ever lovingkindness enough in your breathing space?”  God nudged these questions toward me to affirm His presence.

Silence is often the most intimate of the love languages I speak to you, my beloved.”The Lord whispered in my ear.

No words necessary. He is near.

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