Monday’s Manna February 17, 2014 “Duty”

This youtube had 251,289 views: WOW!!!

I can strongly relate to this journey.  Can you?

I’ve had this distant connection between my disease and the Cross of Jesus. (Pain is all too good at creating distance 😦 ) Their relationship (the Cross and the guard) seemed mere acquaintance at best.  I don’t believe God gave me ALS. I do believe God shoulders the brunt weight of the load. This moving illustration “connected the dots” about my duty and obedience within. 🙂 I felt His personal request to hold my disease from His Cross perspective. (The choice here is to carry the worldly pain or hold the entrusted privilege of guarding my post at His Cross.) Their relationship embraced the intimacy of close friends, re-united. “Can you hold this cross for a while, Tracey? I’ll be back love.” He asked. So I see myself as we did some directing toward “loyalty” while marriage and parenting continued “normally.”

Things have changed now, hurricane force winds blow and rain beats down with steel-like pellets. No more “directing ” here, putting every ounce of effort in keeping it upright. Their relationship is strained to a breaking point. Then I see him face down. The Cross fallen. I am really seeing myself there. My heart breaks. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve left my guard post, collapsed in exhaustion and/or grief.

I “wake up” stunned. I see the cross laying fallen. I remember a faint sense of duty. I’ve got to pick up the conviction of privilege before I can rise and pick up the shared suffering of the Cross. I do pick up the cross of my disease to begin the cycle again.  (I can even relate to the bad hair day.) Their relationship is restored. When The Lord says,”You must have been through so much. . .” I just melt and start pouring out all my woes.” Thank God for the pervasive grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior.

We’ve all have crosses to bear. Each cross-bearing circumstance is unique and the person’s tolerance is different based on many determining factors. Today’s manna moment normalizes our humanity and glorifies the divinity of Christ. At some point we may “direct” with a smile only later to collapse. Only Christ can hold the weight of the Cross. But we are exposed to the suffering of the Cross to teach us our weakness and the supremity of His strength. In the process of carrying our own Cross we learn things about ourselves and our Lord, without which, we would never have the intimate knowledge of the holding empowerment with the Cross.

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Manna February 17, 2014 “Duty”

  1. Dearest Tracey – AKA, my angel sent straight from the Lord above – Jesus alive in Skin…
    Thanks for being you! WOW, wow, wow! So many tears of joy, pain, suffering, loss, grief, victory, love, grace, thankfulness! So glad the bible tells us He holds each tear in His hands. Can’t wait to see that beautiful beach He has for us in Heaven made with all the tears shed…. I can so relate to this journey.

    Thank you for helping me connect the dots :^) about my duty and obedience with such a gentle reminder of my purpose IN HIM and His awesome powerful forgiveness at the number of times I too have left my guard post. Yes, yes we get to pick up the conviction of privilege before we can rise and pick up the shared suffering of the Cross. Wow, Amen! And I believe we (me) would do well to remember that He wants us to keep our “rights” right there, where we fell down (i.e. our right to know and have the answers, right to understand, my right to a “whole family” in one house, my right to possessions, to see results, and on and on it goes) at His feet, the foot of the Cross and surrender. Yes, yes ma’am Mrs. Tracey, it’s there, OUR relationship is restored. Where joy, grace and thanksgiving abound.

    Peace be still dear one, He’s back, and will be back!!!!! Amen and Amen! and Thank you Tracey and Thank you Jesus! What a might God we serve! :^)

  2. Tracey…I forwarded this to a precious one that is suffering greatly from the pain of a bullet wound that has left her in unbearable pain and on many pain killing drugs. I left your house today to go sit and pray with her. Oh how I pray for her pain to ease. But this blog is incredible. It will minister to her Tracey! What a ministry you have!! Bless you! This one is Bonnie Kate that was shot a year and a half ago in Colorado. She had surgery to remove hardware out of her leg. She has many obstacles before her in dealing with her pain and also needing a knee replacement. She is 20 and planning her wedding in May. Your blog will be a source of encouragement and strength. She feels so alone in her pain. You can relate. I can only pray!! And Tracey, pray I do and lots for you and for Bonnie Kate. Thank you for allowing us into your world and to share in this journey with you in some small way. I love you!

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