An Epic Story

I’ve always loved C.S. Lewis and his created Narnia since I read it in middle school and then read the full series to my girls. I relate strongly to Lucy for many reasons. Beginning with her being the youngest. . . .

I’ve been drawn to this concept of epic for months, I believe I know now why. You must know. Words reveal the very heart of God for you. Obviously, when inspired by love.

GOD sees your life’s journey as a long poem, one narrating the adventures of you, the heroic figure in the making of His legendary Kingdom. Do you feel epic?  Do you feel heroic? Do you feel your life is an adventure?

I’m thinking about our pastor and his wife leaving the pulpit in their “twilight” years to pursue missionary work. I’m thinking about a young couple that carry all their children in tow with a bus when mom is not home schooling and dad is not working and raising chickens. I’m thinking of a man serving his life as a fire-fighter, saving lives, vibrant in his retired life with the passion of sailing. Jim told me at our last ALS clinic together, better him with this disease than one of his siblings. Jim is writing his own epic version of The Journey of the Dawn Treader waters of heaven that challenge his we speak. I dare say, C.S. Lewis is penning out Jim’s first victory sail across the blazingly blue waters of heaven that challenge his horizon.

Jim, Janelle. . .the following epic tale youtube is dedicated to you. Jim’s heroic adventure’s reach far beyond this world now into unseen waters.

Your life, Jim’s poem of his life, home schooling, missionary work. . .now where the rubber meets the road . . .where The Cross engages the ground of our humanity. . . so stay with me here. . .

“The ground is level at The Cross.”  ~  Murphy Toerner

The growth curve on that wisdom is limitless. Just one facet on it is. . .get out of the comparison game. Missionary work is no higher than laundry. Intense health struggles are no deeper than a marathon. Home schooling is no greater love than public education. Different yes, but each one of you, it’s own epic poem in the making. GOD sees in you a journey worth the taking. In you, we experience a story in the waking. (Just could not resist the rhyme ;))

You are an epic journey in the HANDS OF AN ALMIGHTY GOD. Do not sell yourself short of this God-breathed narration of your Kingdom Story!!!

  1. a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation.
    synonyms: heroic poem; More

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