Monday’s Manna Moment: Jesus Wept/March 3, 2014


Author’s Pre-post:  This was the first verse I understood. I had much grief in my life, beginning early on, with the loss of my dad, suddenly at seven. I got this about my Jesus. I cherished He got this about me. As an adult I’ve always been a “crier.” Some tears were born of pity, some compassion, some righteous anger, some grief, some joy but always because I love. I love deeply with intent of God’s goodness. With this desperate yearning. . . .there could be “more Kingdom” in a different choice, in a different circumstance or in a different perspective.

Tears are because we love. 

This is a great 30 minute podcast by gifted Timothy Keller:

“Praying Our Tears”

Press the play arrow and it will download for you to pray through to “Kingdom Size” your perspective on tears. God bless you.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Redeemer Presbyterian…

Ministry of Tim Keller in New York City. Online audio and other resources.

One thought on “Monday’s Manna Moment: Jesus Wept/March 3, 2014

  1. thank you. . char mama. .my favs were night swims. Mom would sometimes take me when our neighborhood pool stayed open late. Rarely anyone there. Water so warm from a full day of summer sun. A dream to have pool to myself. loved it 🙂

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