Tea Time: March 11, 2014: The Wall of Fear

Should I pretend or sugar coat places in this journey? How will that help you when you hit a dark place? Doesn’t my authenticity honor the journey of our Lord? How does our mom respond to fear, my girl’s will want to know?

When Faith gives extravagant love, but no light. When Faith gives resolve, but no courage. When Faith gives provision, but no peace. It’s okay to let Faith be what it’s gonna be. God takes it from where we are to where we need to be. . .

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 1.40.49 PM

On Monday night it’s sleep lab time. I’ll be hooked up to every possible electrode to monitor brain/respiratory function to measure avaps machine function for where I am now. Tuesday brings the PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy) procedure. Five day hospitalization is for regulation of feeding through tube into stomach and further education with cough assist/suction machines/etc.

At this point, my Faith is the obedience to do it afraid. I almost selected a sweeter image for that quote. I heard God say, “You are hiding from honest vulnerability, if you lighten the journey.” God takes it from where we are to where we need to be. . .So I risk the heart honest vulnerability for the humble reapings.

This normalizes our humanity. It’s okay and God expects our flesh/human workings as we process through tough places. It’s an honor to be raw and real in our journey. If just one of you find a place for God in the midst of your fear. . God takes it from where we are to where we need to be. . .In the Ministry of One: Speaking faith-life to just one of you is the awesome Wonder of Kingdom Workings.

See “where” faith in fear takes us tomorrow. . .

14 thoughts on “Tea Time: March 11, 2014: The Wall of Fear

  1. Mrs. Tracy,
    I know your daughters and hear constantly of your precious relationship with Lord from my mother in law, Mitzi Miller. All I can say right now is WOW. So many times I have doubted myself and my reliance on The Lord because fear existed in my Faith. You make it so clear to me- if we did not have any fear when trusting God, we would not need Faith. The Lord gives us strength in the form of Faith when we are fearful. (I may have made this more confusing- but it is so clear in my mind!) Your authenticity spoke louder than any sugar- coated discription could have ever done!
    Thank you.
    I am praying for you and will continue!

  2. Tracey, you’ve answered a question that I’ve wondered many times: “Is God really big enough for the hard stuff?” Of course, we KNOW He is, but sometimes it just doesn’t FEEL like it.
    You are showing faith and obedience in God. You may be “doing it afraid,” but you are DOING IT.
    Much love to you.
    When God wakes me in the night, I pray for you.

  3. Tracey,
    Thank you SO much for speaking truth in the midst of your suffering. I hope in the hard times in my life I will remember your example of courage. Your are truly an inspiration to all of us. I am praying for this week. And I am praying for that fear to be overcome by His supernatural peace and comfort as He holds you in His arms during each procedure. I love you!

  4. You can not even begin to know how your FAITH WALK has encouraged, strengthened, helped and grown my faith Tracey! Praying praying praying to a mighty God that is your courage moment to moment today and every day! May his peace engulf you and the time pass by so quickly that you are amazed…utterly!! I love you! MMM

  5. Tracey, your heartfelt words encourage me even though I know they are spoken/written with fear. “Sometimes faith is doing it afraid.” So powerful. Please know that this week I am praying for you specifically as you go through the hospital stay and really tough passages. There’s a gospel song entitled, “Sheltered in the Arms of God.” Just let yourself go and rest completely in those strong arms of our Lord God. I hope the thought of this will lift you above the circumstances of this week’s journey. Love you, my friend.

  6. I love you so, so much sweet, dear friend. May God continue to walk with you on this tough journey. Thank you for keeping us encouraged. 🙂

  7. As I recall, Jesus was afraid in the garden that night, wasn’t he? He understands. Praying a hedge of love and protection around you.

  8. You speak faith-life to me every time you write. You are on my mind and in my prayers through out each day Tracy. And you will be more so this upcoming week as you enter this new phase of your journey. May our loving Father keep you in perfect peace and comfort.
    Prayers, hugs, blessings and red balloons be with you dear, dear child of God.

  9. Tracey,
    I am thinking of you and praying for you. And I so appreciate your words.
    They speak volumes and encourage us all.

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