Monday’s Manna Moment: Victory/Priscilla Shirer

“Begin the battle on your knees. . .”
“We are not fighting for victory, we are fighting from victory.”
“I don’t want to be so intimidated by the enemy that I don’t get to experience the blessings that God has already for me with my name on it.”

Absolutely. I am in full agreement with this Truth. It’s applying to the circumstance that challenges us. What is victory when it doesn’t play out like a win?

Starting from victory with an incurable disease? After a divorce? Bankruptcy? A child dies? The same marriage issues ignites another hurtful fight? Your best is rated average?

The best I can discern, is that we have to let God define the victory. If we try to go by how things look to us, our perspective will blind us.

Faith opens our eyes to see our fight from victory.

Even as I write the irony is that I feel defeated from this disease. My feelings will come and go, but His Truth remains. He has already claimed victory over this disease. He has claimed victory over your circumstance before you even step into it. Stand on His Victory and fight from it.

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Manna Moment: Victory/Priscilla Shirer

  1. When we rest in God and let him define victory we will more freely and peacefully transform more into his likeness. Who am I to question the sovernity of God plays out in my mind constantly. It keeps my mind and heart on Him and not my circumstances. Tracey, God continues to use you to fulfill his purposes! Love you!!

  2. Dear Tracey, thank you (seems so simple) for this empowering reminder of His victory! Blessings, as you shine brightly in Him, for all you share and encourage!

  3. I too battle with that. I know what His word says on healing but yet my body is in a steady decline from the ALS.

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