A Diamond Under Pressure


When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.
Peter Marshall

Dedicated to my jewel of a husband, Rodger H. Elofson “Bucky”

He serves. He gives. He perseveres. Daddy advice on cars, classes, “can I send you a picture of this weird thing on this friend of a friend’s leg and you help her?”, leaky faucets, every boo-boo and illness under the sun, a few fender bumper calls, money money and more money, plane tickets, directions/I’m lost, bugs and more creepy crawlies, sign this, mail that, “could you call, they’ll listen to you”, necklace tangles. . .Husband cares through early morning/late night tears, four tube feedings/day, numerous transfers, pharmacy issues, doctor consults, comfort tendings that change by the moment, watching “girl” tv, learning hair dressing styles, marathon showers, hugs I can’t return, high maintenance needs like where do I spray this perfume again?, computer fixes, endless pillow props, drives back and forth  forth and back to Houston in our handicapped access red convertible 😉 . . .He does hold down a full time job. . .He has an occasional guy’s card night. . .And he remembers to return a tennis ball OVER the net a time or two.

See what I mean? He has a few facets going on. . .

10 thoughts on “A Diamond Under Pressure

  1. I am blessed to be married to you, have four special daughters and such incredible friends. It sounds more busy than it is. God has given me abilities that I need to use in a proper way. Thank you for your blog, Tracey……….Bucky
    P. S. The pressure would reduce me into a crumbly pile of coal, but for the love of you and the support of God and those around me.

  2. New song Tracey that shouts of you and Bucky’s journey…”Thrive” by Casting Crowns
    You and Bucky were made for so much more than “ordinary” lives!
    Glorious blessings to the both of you today.

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